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Feeling like you need a little time to slow down & tune in to your needs? OR that life is running a mile a minute with not much time for yourself. I know you love! It's time to be intentional about the small time you do have in your day! Join me for a 5 day self love journal challenge that will make you stop & get clear on all the things you L O V E about yourself & your life and bring clarity to the areas that might need a little extra love and care.

We begin Monday July 16th!

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Here's how it will work:

  • You will receive one journal prompt everyday for 5 days at 6am
  • Take some mindful time to sit, get quiet and fill out your prompt. Use this time to really dive deep into the questions asked, allowing whatever comes to you to be free written on the page.
  • Send your finished prompt to Lauren each day via Instagram DM @blissfullylively to be entered to win the Journal Challenge GIVEAWAY PRIZE {A BL self love care package}

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