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I’m so excited you’re interested in being a part of the FEMAIL Community! I created this space as a way to take the genuine female friendships I had found online with all of you incredible followers & move it offline. Unplug it a bit from the everyday consumption of media.

We’re all “busy’, stressed, running from one thing to the next. Why not give us a space to connect with one another on our lives & empower each other to LIVE them instead of vicariously through others via social feeds. This community is a space that connects you with one fellow LA follower in need of a friend to confide in.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Sign Up with your $10 donation (below) 50% of your sign up fee will be donated to Haven NH.

Step 2: Wait patiently for your FEMAIL survey to come in an email (it should take a minute or so) and answer a few questions about yourself (your favorites, dreams & lifestyle preferences). If the email doesn’t come right away, check your spam folder or email hello@laurenatwood.co

Step 3: Get matched with your FEMAIL bestie, (Lauren matches you up) you’re given each others info & the fun starts!

Step 4: Send each other a letter, small gift, postcard, whatever feels right for you. Introduce yourself & WHY you wanted to join the FEMAIL Community within one week of finding out who your new FEMAIL bestie is.

Step 5: Continue the love, JOIN the FEMAIL Fb Group, follow each other on social, get together if you’re close by, CONNECT!


Please know your donation to this little community goes towards an incredible non-profit that helps Women, Men & Children affected by domestic violence in my home state of NH. This organization is so close to my heart and I thank each and every one of you for helping me help them.

FEMAIL Community
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