My Favorite Workout Music to Help You Kill it in the Gym


If there's one thing that makes or breaks my workout it's most definitely music! I mean I will work out when I forget my sneakers, in the cold, whatever but without music it's just lack luster at best...Who else feels me on this?! Workout Music

I like my music loud and motivating and it's so nice to have a home gym where I can play it as loud as I want and don't need to wear headphones because of our wireless speaker. Speaking of headphones though...These bluetooth powered headphones are AMAZING. LIKE LIFE CHANGING.

I got the iPhone 7 and was so annoyed that the headphone jack had been taken out and now in order to listen to my music I had to carry around the adapter everywhere. One day I walked into Target and found these amazing wireless headphones for only $15! They're super comfortable and don't get all tangled up when you're trying to workout...amazing.

Also side note i'm not being paid to promote these I just thought they were pretty awesome for the price and had to share this with you if I was going to be sharing my favorite playlist anyway!

I thought I would leave you guys with my favorite spotify playlist for working out to help you get pumped up and motivated to hit the gym! My spotify account name is lbartlett1212 if you're ever in need of music or workout inspiration!




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