Why I'm Taking My Workouts to The Barre This Month w/ Barre & Soul


Do you guys ever feel a call to switch things up while working out? You've stopped pushing yourself to hit the gym, you dread putting on your gym clothes and you're most definitely not enjoying or feeling the stress relief/ Endorphin high working out should give us. WELL THAT WAS ME. Even with a gym in my home 2 steps away I began to feel  a bit bored of my usual strength training routines. Luckily my amazing friends at Barre & Soul Portsmouth contacted me and wanted to extend a month long collaboration.

Could that timing be any more perfect?!


BL Barre and Soul

I have only done barre 2 or 3 times previously, and honestly didn't love it. My strength training mind races a mile a minute making me feel like I need more high intensity or heavy weight to get the job done. Even though I hadn't had fantastic experiences previously I knew I needed to take a little leap and try something new.

I went to my first class last week and was immediately converted to a Barre babe! Barre & Soul exudes this energy that makes you want to be better. The cult like energy that gyms like Crossfit or Kettlebell create but in a down to earth "babes supporting babes" sort of way.

BL barre and soul

Gyms that exclusively promote, market and have women as clients usually leave new comers feeling left out, not good enough or an outsider but you guys I WAS BLOWN AWAY. Barre and Soul attracts the best of the best, from instructors to clients. I walked in for my first class feeling a little out of sorts as Barre wasn't really my thing but that feeling was completely taken away by the generosity of others. I was shown around their cute little space, told how the class would run and then was helped  by a complete stranger to get all the props I needed. {I fricken love nice people}

My most favorite part about the way Barre & Soul teaches is there emphasis on yoga. Each class that I have been to they begin just like a yoga class. Sitting in a comfortable position, taking a few deep breaths and setting an intention for your practice. They even take a few times during the workout to lead you back to this starting place, stretching out and making sure your intentions are clear.

{Which helps because right after thigh work I'm glaring at the instructor to give us a break 😉}

Barre BL

Barre is a workout unlike anything i've ever completed...actually it kind of reminds me of long distance running. You start out feeling great, like a total badass for lacing up those sneaks and hitting the pavement & then about half way through you begin to have an internal struggle with yourself constantly reminding yourself  "I CAN DO THIS" maybe even getting to a point of "OH SHIT I CAN'T DO THIS". BUT the ending is my most favorite part, you have ward off those negative thoughts only to again feel like an absolute badass saying outlaid "OMG THAT WAS AMAZING".

Barre BL

As I myself was going through one of those internal struggles of "OH SHIT I CAN"T DO THIS", my mind went to a place of inquiry and I realized that time under tension is the thing that Barre & Soul thrives off of. That shaking, trembling feeling your muscles hate and your minds dreads, it takes you to a place of second guessing but in a weird way makes you long and obsess for more.

The feeling of being on your tip toes in a squat position holding a ball between your thighs & counting down with the instructor "3,2,1" only for her to say "HERE WE GO AGAIN JUST 8 MORE". Is the epitome of time under tension. How long can they work your same specific muscle groups in order to strengthen! It's an interesting process that makes you hate it and love it all at the same time! <3

Blissfully Lively Barre

I left the class in awe of what a kick ass workout it is! I would consider myself pretty strong for my size, definitely advanced in the gym and barre is something completely different. Trembling legs and shaky arms I laughed out loud at myself walking back to my car. Barre is something so out of my wheelhouse that is totally making me "check myself" just when I was getting comfortable in my strength workouts.

I can't wait to continue taking classes this month and update you all on my progress. Follow along for weekly updates on Instagram & check back here at the end of the month for a little recap of my time!


Have you guys tried barre, and what are your thoughts? I would love some of your feedback on class too! <3

Peace out, time to head to the barre!