What is Wellness, Really?


You guys know my love for making wellness more than just some trendy topic. I love really promoting self care, mindfulness, eating whole foods & moving your body in whatever way that feels good for you. Hello, the 3 pillars of BL {mindfulness, fitness & nutrition}. Recently I've felt like the wellness scene has been bombarded with pretty pictures of your Soul Cycle ride, Sweet Green lunch & adaptogen latte. Which don't get me wrong is amazing for you but what are we doing when the camera is turned off & Instagram isn't our main focus?

Are we continuing to make those gorgeous smoothie bowls at home, getting up an hour early to drive ourselves to the nearest gym & above all else really working through the muck of our own mind to become more mindful & centered as a person?

Well Summit
Well Summit

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I want to think YES we are because you know i'm always on the bright side, but sadly some people are riding this wellness fad until it wears right out. This thought has  made me come to terms with the fact that I need to be more real than ever, letting people see what REAL wellness looks like from the inside out.

One of my favorite resources for this has been retreats or summits that emerse you in a real 360 degree view of wellness from what you're eating to what you're putting on your skin, honestly how you're moving & shaking this worlds wellness views.

Well Summit Blissfully Lively
Well Summit Blissfully Lively

I went to W.E.L.L SummitsBoston Day of Wellness this past spring and really loved learning about the ins and outs of wellness. The maybe not always pretty side of wellness. The thoughts behind fad diets, info on keeping your home chemical free, info on heart disease. The real knowledge we need to be educating ourselves on.

It truly changed my view of wellness from being this pretty, curated surface lifestyle to an all encompassing thing that connects mind, body, & lifestyle choices together.

Honestly, I want to attribute my courage to step into nutrition coaching because of my time at Boston Day of Wellness. I went to a break out session all about fad diets that really struck me to my core.

Anything that challenges your thoughts processes, pushes you out of your comfort zone or allows you to meet people within the community that motivates you is something in my book not worth missing out on!

The W.E.L.L Summit will be having their annual weekend workshop in NYC on November 3rd & 4th. They will be hosting 17 amazing speakers touching on skincare, the practice of yoga, holistic health, gluten free eating, self love, etc. The weekend will consist of many breakout sessions that allow you to feel connected to the speakers, asking questions and really feeling engaged.

BL Wellness
BL Wellness

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To top it all off they will be hosting 30 different vendors that you can browse and learn more about, a manicure bar & kicking off the weekend with a rad AF wellness party!

The pictures of last years W.E.L.L Summit have me so excited to be immersed in all things wellness this fall. Check out W.EL.L Summits website for more details and grab yo self a ticket! You don't want to miss this <3