Wellness Spotlight Holidays Edition

BL Wellness Spotlight
BL Wellness Spotlight

Hey Babes! Can you believe Christmas is THIS month?! I know this time of year can be stressful/ difficult & the holidays aren’t always joyful and merry so I thought I would bring back the Wellness Spotlight posts to lift our spirits even more! It’s important to remember that there are things that YOU can do that will help “make the season bright”. Hello, do I not talk about you having control over your life 24/7 so this post fits perfectly. Here are some great articles that I came across this week. From massages and showering to laughing and giving yourself a break, there is something here for every one of you. I truly want all of you to have the best December possible, so give these a read & let me know your favs.

How to Stay Healthy & Happy This Holiday Season

Addicted to Lovely offers some tips on how to enjoy the holidays. One that stood out to me is being present. It’s so easy to get caught up in the online world and forget about what’s happening here on earth. It’s true! Try to savor each moment. Browsing through Instagram & Pinterest isn’t what makes memories - being with loved ones, laughter, enjoying meals together, going on outdoor adventures - those are the things that stay in your heart forever. Try to be more present this holiday season. Maybe that means putting your phone down for a few hours while your friends and family are spending time with you.

Intentionality & Self Care

I love the point here about pacing yourself. The holidays get so busy that we sometimes forget that we are not immune to breaking down. We’re human: we get tired, hangry {just ask Chris, it was literally in his wedding vows to me}, upset, overwhelmed. It’s all part of life and it’s totally normal and okay. We just need to slow down and take a breath.This article also mentions offering gratitude and setting your intentions, which you already know are one of my favorite things to do, holiday season or not!

Shower Like You're at A Spa

Who doesn't love a nice shower? Bathing isn't just about good hygiene - sometimes it's the best way to wash a stressful day off of you. Here are some neat ways to upgrade your shower routine. I have my eyes on those shower bombs! Also a little BL Tip...Add some fresh eucalyptus stems to the head of your shower & breathe in that aroma each morning!

Be Happier

There is so much good info in this article! And it’s all backed by science! Lack of motivation, fatigue, addictive behavior, mood swings and memory loss are sometimes caused by low dopamine levels. This article will give you some ways to help increase your dopamine levels naturally. Things like breaking daunting tasks into more manageable, bite sized pieces and taking action when it comes to your dreams and goals. It also highlights the importance of laughing {daily goal for me is to laugh at least once} &, get this… massages! Just give me a minute so that I can step out and schedule an appointment for one of thoseeee...

Feel free to share in the comments below your tips for having a happy & carefree holiday season. I want to hear from you!