Wellness Spotlight: February 2018

Hey babes!

Is it just me or did February FLY by?! Not going to lie January felt like it dragged on... but we're starting to get SO close to spring time & warmer weather- You know my sunshine loving self is praising this. I'm so excited to be bringing back the Wellness Spotlight posts, a place to highlight my favorite finds from the past month that are from the 3 pillars of BL: real food, mindfulness & movement!

Real Food

Intuitive Eating for Weight Loss: MindBodyGreen says it perfectly in this article "if you don't tune into your body, maintaining your weight will always be a struggle" YES! I don't focus on calorie counting or macro tracking with my clients and this article sums it up. Give it a read to learn more about self care and mindful eating as strategies for weight loss... it's EVERYTHING.


Meditation Makes You Better at Everything - Including Work: Ever have those days when your brain just won't shut off?! I seem to be having those more often than not these days but in the best way because there are so many exciting projects for BL coming soon! But when things start to get overwhelming and hectic, it's so important to take a beat & center yourself to focus on the present moment. This article highlights the benefits of mindfulness for productivity & relationships!



You all know my love for HIIT & strength training from watching my instagram story workouts, but lately i've been in a bit of a workout rut. Feeling like I myself {the coach} needs some external accountability to help me complete my workouts. Recently I've been relying on the buddy system! I know this isn't a proven facts thing but I need you all to know the power of the body system for workouts. Call your bestie, get that workout marked in the calendar & stick to it each week. My friend and I workout 3 times a week together & then I fit in 2 workouts on the weekend with Chris. This was a huge game changer for me...DO IT you won't be sorry!

Hope you all enjoy some of my favorite highlights from this past month! As always, feel free to reach out with any questions- I'm always here to help!