Wellness Spotlight


You guys! It's been a minute since I've done a wellness spotlight post and i'm going to be 100% honest...I over committed.

I thought I would be able to do one wellness spotlight post a week along with keeping up with recipe and workout posts as well as launch the new BL in home meal prep business & nutrition coaching and do a little thing called plan a wedding on the side...I'M EXHAUSTED JUST WRITING THAT.


I'm learning, i'm beginning to understand how not to stretch myself too thin till burnout mode and then need to take a step away. I'm starting to understand that although I want to do every single thing and have all these crazy dreams and aspirations for the blog, business, etc. I need to realize what's realistic for right now and do that.

It's so crazy how we compare and look at someone else doing something similar and think "I want to do that, if they can do it so can I" not realizing that the people we're looking up to have had 5 years or more in the industry, have 2 personal assistants and are just at a completely different stage than us all together.


The wellness spotlight posts will continue in their regular amazing fashion but just once a month. Lets get to it!

What to know in wellness

BL Wellness spotlight

  • Did you guys see this? BBG has been insane these past 2 or so years and you guys already know my stance on before and after photos {if not reference THIS post}, but I could not believe how right on the money this Well & Good Article is. I 100% believe the before and after culture is doing more harm than good on social media these days. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.
  • This article was unreal! Breakdown how nutrition labels really will be changing in the coming months for the July 2018 final date of all nutrition labels changed to read larger, be in EXACT portion sizes and list what percentage is added sugar among other things! I'm so excited for this change because as a nutrition coach one of my biggest struggles is helping people read and understand the food they're putting into their body. It shouldn't be hard, and we shouldn't be mislead!

Cook this recipe

One of my favorite breakfast options lately... Banana Coconut Overnight Oats

Move that bod

An old stand by... The No BS Full Body Workout 

Read this

I have been turned on to this book by so many friends lately for some reason so i'm feeling it's time to recommend to all of you babes too! Material Girl, Mystical World by Ruby Warrington. It was recommended by Gabby Bernstein too and you guys know how I fricken love her!

Mantra Inspo

I know this one's a bit simple but when asked at Wednesday nights Barre & Soul class "set an intention, what's your intention for the class?" I couldn't shake the thought of...

Just Let It GO!

Get clear on what matters to you and if this struggle isn't at the center of your core values, brush it off an move forward. We spend so much of our energy and time on something that won't even matter one year from now.