Weekend Recap

Hello everyone and happy hump day! sorry that I've been MIA lately, but I took a little time off from blogging because of this past weekends celebration. On Friday Chris' parents and I drove up to Middlebury to start off the fun filled graduation weekend, which took us five hours to get there instead of the usual three because of the intense snow! I'm not sure how much more snow New England can handle. Once all of Chris' family arrived we gathered at a local restaurant to catch up over dinner. His family is so fun! we stayed up late with Chris' brother and his fiance, and cousin chatting and making jokes into the early hours of the morning. 9 am came pretty early when we had to be at the chapel on campus for the graduation ceremony.
The ceremony lasted about an hour and a half where Chris was presented with his graduation cane, and continued when we drove over to the colleges ski mountain, and watched all the graduates ski down the mountain in celebration. On Saturday morning in Middlebury it was  5 degrees, and -20 on the top of the mountain! it made for some freezing cold conditions, and didn't allow me to get many pictures of him skiing down the mountain. My phone actually came up with a warning telling me it was too cold to even use it!


After Chris skied down the mountain we braved the cold, and decided to continue skiing for the afternoon with my mom who had driven up for the graduation dinner. After we skied we went back to Chris' apartment and got ready for the family dinner Chris' mom had put together.

midd dinner

During dinner Chris and I chatted with his family members, and a few toasts were given which you guys should know by now made me tear up and I couldn't stop! I'm such a sap! I cry at commercials so thank goodness I wore waterproof mascara to this dinner :). After dinner there was much celebrating to be had so we moved the party over to the hotel Chris' family was staying at, and played many games of cards until everyone was exhausted. The next morning was difficult getting out of bed to begin cleaning out Chris's apartment. It took us a few hours and then we had to drive three hours home!

goodbye Midd

After we had endlessly scrubbed and vacuumed, we stuffed the car full (yes that is stuff filled to the top of the car), and made our way home to NH! It was kind of sad leaving Middlebury for the last time, but exciting as well. I was sad to think the last four years of making friends,  and watching Chris play golf and hockey (being the ultimate fan haha) was over, but I am so excited about the future!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and will be back on Friday for the things I'm loving this week!

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