Tips for a better night sleep


SLEEP oh my gosh who doesn't love a good nights sleep. That feeling when you're so damn tired and you crawl into a fresh set of sheets and completely black out...THE BEST. Well if you're like me times like that are fairly rare. I am the absolute worst sleeper. Sorry to any guys out there who are reading this don't mean to exclude you but I feel like women specifically are poor sleepers.

I mean take last night for example Chris and I are both talking about how tired we are. We crawl into bed and no joke in 20 seconds he's fast asleep. Me on the other hand I'm lying awake doing everything possible to get my mind to shut off and zonk out.

I don't know what it is about getting in to bed but my mind instantly thinks of one thousand other things that I should be doing or remembering. Resulting in my eyes being shut, my body saying "omg i'm so tired yes it's time to sleep" and my mind saying "HOLY SHIT!... don't forget to call the florist tomorrow, oh florist, sparks some memories of 4 summers ago when so and so got married, marriage OMG I can't wait until my dress comes in for our wedding, wedding omg did I remember to email back the DJ?" and this goes on and on and on until finally at 3am I either fall asleep or just get the fuck up cause I can't stand it any more.

SO. after giving you guys a crazy peek into my terrible sleep habits and hearing from so many friends they too struggle with sleep I thought why not write down a few tips that have helped me figure this shit out. I feel like this topic is important because sleep can fall down the priorities list for people super quickly and truthfully it is one of the easiest ways to start living a healthier life.

All of this being said these are just a few of the tips that work for me, if these don't work for you I will leave a few links at the bottom of this post to some other articles so you can look into & find what works best for you because one way isn't always the right way!

Sleep tips

  1. Put down the phone: Ok i'm not sure who the hell created the iPhone with blue florescent light but thanks goodness this has been somewhat changed (I will tell you how to fix this below). Blue light essentially ignites your brain..well technically it "suppresses the production of the sleep inducing hormone called melatonin" Thanks google. so if you're scrolling through Instagram while lying in bed at night...STOP NOW. This was one of my biggest problems. I would check Instagram, emails, etc. quickly before bed and then wonder why I couldn't fall asleep. I now try and limit my phone use to 30 minutes before bed. Also try and turn down your house lights to dimmed 30 minutes before...It gets your brain in the sleeping mindset.
  2. Read: I know this one can be hard for people because some people just aren't readers. I love to read before bed because it calms the brain and slows your breathing allowing you to focus on the story or facts, knowledge, etc. your reading. If i'm ever really hyper or just can't seem to sleep a book is my go to.
  3. No TV: I have been addicted to the Netflix show Narcos recently, It is so damn good Chris and I had been binge watching it at night before bed and then wondering the next morning why we couldn't sleep. The show is incredibly gruesome and leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat. Finally we made the decision to stop watching it before bed because it was leaving us in a unsettling headspace before sleeping resulting in weird ass scary dreams that would keep us up all night. Modern Family is a bit more watchable before sleeping... Cam kills me! So funny!
  4. Essential oils: This tip is one I have just recently started doing and am really loving it. You know the calm and relaxed feeling you get when having a message, facial, etc.? Well say hello to your new best friend Lavender essential oil because it will instantly put you to sleep. I have started rubbing lavender on the inside of my wrists for nights when my brain seriously won't stop no matter what I do and it's life changing. Breathing in this calming oil lulls me right to sleep. Here are a few other essential oil options if you don't like the smell of lavender or if it isn't working: Vetiver, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Marjoram, & Cedarwood.
  5. Listen to your breathing: This is a tip that helps whether you can't sleep, are anxious, feeling nervous about something really anything that is making you feel uptight. I had to add it in because it is my first tip I try when not able to sleep but did put it at the bottom of the list because sometimes honestly this doesn't work for me if my mind is racing too much or focusing on something far off I go for reading or essential oils, but listening to your breath is an amazing way to help you fall asleep. Chris began doing this in college when he was playing sports, needed a quick power nap during the day to recover, he said it transformed his sleep life! Honestly I try really hard to focus and use this tip but sometimes it just doesn't work for me! So if it doesn't work for you don't feel discouraged. Try any of the tips above or take a look at the links below to find what works best for you.

How to fix your iPhones Blue Light:

Go to Settings- Display & Brightness->Night Shift->Scheduled (turn on)->tap "To From"->Select "Sunset & sunrise". This will automatically decrease the blue light and increase warm light when it is dark outside creating more of a yellow cast to your iPhone! GENIUS APPLE, GENIUS.

Other sleep options:



Room Environment (cool, comfort, noise)

I hope this post helped anyone who is struggling with sleep! It's so important to figure out what works for you and get a good 8 hours a night if possible!