Three Tips To Make Any Recipe Healthier


We all have those recipes, Moms chicken picatta, cheese stuffed gnocchi with meat sauce or even a hand-me-down homemade oatmeal cookie peach cobbler recipe that we just can't help but make a few times a year. Well here are a few tips to help you "healthify" those recipes so they can become more of a staple & less of an "only on special occasions" meal.

3 Tips to Make Any Recipe Healthier
Blissfully Lively Recipe Substitution
Blissfully Lively Recipe Substitution
1.Cut out the carbs:
  1. Substitute quinoa for white rice
  2. Substitute zoodles {zucchini noodles} for white pasta
  3. Substitute whole wheat flour of white
2.Cut down the sugar/ fat
  1. Substitute unsweetened apple sauce for sugar: this can be a 1:1 ratio but for every cup of applesauce you use, cut down the amount of liquid in the recipe by 1/4 cup.
  2. Substitute stevia for white sugar
  3. Substitute cocoa nibs for chocolate chips
  4. Substitute coconut oil/olive oil/ avocado oil for butter
  5. Substitute plain greek yogurt for mayo
BL recipe Substitutions
BL recipe Substitutions
3. Add some veggies/ fruit
  • Substitute lettuce wraps for corn tortillas
  • Substitute spaghetti squash for traditional pasta
  • Substitute kale chips for potato chips
  • Substitute mashed berries for syrup: 1/4 cup of berries, 1 tbsp chia seeds mash together into a delicious sweet syrupy consistency!

I hope this helped you gain some interesting new ways to remake your favorite recipes! & most if not all of these are such a small change that you won't even be able to tell the difference {honestly I know people will gasp but I kinda think I like Zoodles better than PASTA...}. Gasp away, until you try it!!!