Thanksgiving Cravings & Portion Control




Ok honesty trumps all right now and I have to get something out there. I have a problem with portion control when it comes to holiday food. I always take way too much food because of the excitement to eat fresh carved turkey, fluffy mashed potatoes and douse it all in gravy. But sadly I end up eating way too much and feeling so sluggish and gross after. I'm sure others can relate. I WANT ALL THE HOLIDAY FOOD AND I WANT IT NOW.

But this year i'm on a mission to control myself, and I decided to write this post because I know others struggle with this and need a little kick in the ass to get it the hell together during the holiday season. Here are a few of my tips to only eating until you feel satisfied, but still enjoying grandmas homemade chocolate chip cookies!

  1. Try to limit the alcohol: Alcohol contains so many empty calories & so much sugar that you could be instead getting from grandmas cookies and not having the embarrassing "oh shit what did I say to Aunt June last night" moment in the morning.
  2. Drink more water: Water will fill you up not allowing you to feel like there's more room to stuff food in and hydrate's a win win.
  3. Rule of thirds: 2/3 of your plate should be filled with veggies and starch 1/3 with meat. Take a smaller amount than you think necessary, YOU CAN ALWAYS COME BACK FOR SECONDS, which you won't need to cause your eyes at this point are way bigger than your stomach.
  4. If you want it, have moderation: If you want a slice of grandmas pie, but also want a cookie, cut the cookie in half, and cut the slice of pie in half. Indulge in both BUT THAT IS IT! Now pick back up the water and keep drinking.
  5. Don't stress: Thanksgiving or holidays in general are supposed to be a time of celebration with loved ones. Try and stick to everything in moderation but if you over indulge a bit it's ok...It's once a year...keep it all in perspective.

I hope these tips help you guys to have a delicious, happy and Thanksgiving with loved ones! Come back tomorrow for my all time favorite indulgence Vanilla Chai Cheesecake Pie!