Summer Bods Are Made In The Winter Full Body Workout


 If there's one thing we know it's...

Summer bods are made in the winter months!

So i'm hitting you with the perfect summer bod full body workout that will get you fit and ready to bare it all this summer {blah blah blah} you know the rest...AKA it will be the perfect 30 minute workout to where you feel like you've worked it all but also saved on time!

Efficiency when working out is my thing. Why not do exercises that recruit the whole body rather than singular muscle groups because it takes less time and target more, more bang for your buck!

BL summer bods full body workout

So grab your jump rope & complete this workout at home, if you have dumbbells or screenshot and take with you to the gym. If you're home and want to follow along to the video below that's also a perfect option! NOW get after it!

Summer Bods Are Made In The Winter Full Body Workout


Circuit 1 x3

  • 8 Overhead Press
  • 10 Weighted Jump Squats
  • 10 Pike to superman holds {10 seconds each}

Circuit 2 x3

  • 10 Weighted Hip Thrusters {I only used the 45lb bar for this but feel free to add weight}
  • 10 Push Up w/ Row {I used 15 lbs}
  • 10 Weighted Lunges {each leg} {I used 20 lbs}


  • BL Stretching Sequence
  • Static muscle stretching
  • 10 Weighted Toe Touches x3 {15 lbs}




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