The Stretching Sequence That Gets Me Through the Day


I don't think there's a question I get more often then "What do you do for stretching?". Stretching has interestingly enough been on lots of peoples minds lately, not sure whether it was with the new year or that foam rolling/ stretching sequences have been big in social media lately but I thought why not give you guys my stretching goods! I like to stretch twice a day, once before my workout and then once through out the day to loosen up from sitting at my desk all day long. Looking down at our phones and hunching over at our desks I feel is perpetuating a chronic neck problem in our society and i'm a bit scared to see what the younger generations posture is going to look like if we don't take steps to actively reverse this!

This little stretching flow below is just something to get you moving mid work day or pre workout. This can be run through as many times as you like {I like to go through it 3-5 times depending on time} stopping in between each for a few deep breaths.

High Reach {stretches out the chest, abs, shoulders}

BL stretching sequence

Forward Fold {stretches out the hamstrings, calves}

BL stretching Plank

Step back into plank

BL stretching chaturanga

Chaturanga {warms up the shoulders/spine}

Bl up dog stretching

Updog {stretches out the core, hip flexors & quads}

BL dog dog stretch

Downdog {stretches out the shoulders, hamstrings, calves & lats}

bl hip flexor stretching

Low lunge {stretches out the hip flexor, quads & calves}

blissfully lively twist stretching

Twisting Lunge {spine, mid back & chest}

BL hip flexor stretching

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch { stretching hip flexor & quads}

BL hamstring stretch

Hamstring Stretch {stretching hamstrings, calves & glutes}

bl hip circles stretch

Hip Circles

BL Arm Circles Stretch

Arm Circles




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