Why I am Focusing on Stretching This Month w/ Bending Bodhi


Hey Hi Hello! It's Friday!

I am so excited to write this post I'm partially jumping out of my seat. But really you guys know my love for yoga and constant talk about my need to stretch on Instagram so I finally decided to take matters into my own hands.

BL Bending Bodhi Yoga

It's about time right?

I have decided to collaborate with Bending Bodhi, a fantastic yoga studio in Dover, NH to hold myself accountable for the month of March to make stretching a priority! I have committed to going 2 days per week and document my feelings throughout the whole experience for you all.

I will be checking in on Instagram every week with little updates to how i'm feeling, mind and body. As we all know yoga is more than just stretching so i'm hoping to gain some mind stillness techniques as well!

Bending Bodhi Yoga BL

I have always loved taking yoga and the feeling after a good stretch, but never make it a priority. It's something that I think fell down the list honestly when we put together our home gym. Because of it's close proximity to the house I tend to workout then hop over to the kitchen, make some lunch, shower up and then back to work, all the while forgetting to do any stretching or rehabbing of my muscles.

I'm sure you ladies can relate when you're running late but still want to fit in a workout so you skip the warm up or cool down and get straight to it...YIKES we've got to stop this neglecting of our muscles!

BL Bending Bodhi Stretching and Yoga

I'm hoping that this month at Bending Bodhi will hold me accountable to making a little more time for myself and buying in to the yoga practice every time. Allowing the stressors to fall away and the stretching and de-stressing to really set in!

Bending Bodhi is such a beautiful studio, and I am so lucky to be working with them. If you live locally in the Dover NH area you have to check them out! It's such a stress free calming studio {If you can tell in the pictures above it feels so homey}, inclusive and accommodating to your personal needs from their schedule to their instructors.

This afternoon will be my first class, I can't wait to get to stretching, Oming & Sighing my way to a healthier March!

Bending Bodhi March Yoga and Stretching