Staying In Is The New Going Out & A Little Self Care With 1915 Organic


You guys already know I'm all about self care from the BL Self Love Movement I started & the constant reminder of it on Instagram, but I have never really given you the info on how to start if you're new to slowing down and taking time for yourself.

Step 1 cancel any Friday night plans 😉. You guys all know I adore a cuddled up Friday night in like any grandma would {the catch is i'm no grandma ;) } and when one of my favorite cold pressed juice companies 1915 Organic sent me a self care package filled with goodies I knew I had to take advantage of the goods.

Bl Self Love

With Valentines Day being this last week and a lot of peoples sights being set on dinner out, expensive gifts, cards, candy, you name it for their significant other I thought why not change it up a bit. Give you guys a few self care ideas that turn the love inward, don't require much money & can be carried on without leaving the house. Hopefully these fews tips will serve you in becoming the healthiest version of yourself. A little self love goes along way!

Staying In & Self Care With 1915 Organic

1915 Organic Juice Blissfully Lively

Step 1 put your phone on airplane mode or just flip it over so you can't see the screen & put it far out of reach. It isn't necessary to have our phones attached to us at all times, but we do it because it's become the norm. I catch myself reaching for it in moments of silence, alone times, etc. It's not healthy!

I've got to start this off with a little honesty. I myself don't make enough time for self care. Things like meditation, a nightly bath {with my fav bath bombs} or even workouts become less and less of a priority as we become busier and busier. So I was incredibly thankful for 1915 Organic sending me such a fantastic care package which put my self care needs in check!

Night in with 1915 organic

I have always used the excuse "my bathtub is gross", or "I just can't sit that long" to get myself out of taking a bath but you guys, there's really no better way to give yourself some self care than a calming soak. Post workout I turned on the tub, dropped in a bath bomb, light a candle and sipped on some cold pressed beet juice. May or may not have rocked out to some Beyonce also {I still can't quit the Lemonade album}.

Night In 1915 Organic

Ok truthfully I only lasted like 10 minutes, but 10 minutes is better than no minutes right?

If you guys aren't ones that love to sit and soak one of my other favorite ways to add a little self care to your day is one I practice nightly. Reading.

Allowing myself to get outside of my own head and immersed in a story is the perfect way to destress. I have been reading Oprah's "What I Know For Sure" lately and love it. The stories of her life and figuring out what she knows for sure are so interesting, seriously if you haven't read it yet, add it to the must read list.

1915 Organic Night in Reading

There's just something I love about cuddling up with a book and drowning out the world. I know Kindles, iPads, Audible is the new thing these days but there's nothing like turning the pages of a book! Sipping' on some green juice while doing it doesn't hurt either!

Night In Cold Pressed Juice

Here are a few more of my favorite self care ideas for the next time you decide to curl up for a night in!

  • Workout {take your time, stretch long before & after enjoy the workout}
  • Cook/ Bake {A home cooked meal is my favorite, try out a new recipe, bake a sweet treat, pop up some popcorn}
  • Netflix binge {I love spending a little time with Netflix every once in a while, Shameless is such a good show, Chris and I are addicted}
  • Draw/ create { Knitting, drawing, coloring, anything that gets the creative juices flowing}
  • Clean {sometimes a good deep clean and organization does the soul good!}

I hope these few tips and ways I like to destress helped you pick what to do the next time you ditch those going out plans!




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