Why Pre-made Shakes Will Never Be as Good as Homemade


We all know them...The infamous shake that will make you lose 5 lbs, become your meal replacement or even AMP you up before a workout. The crazy ass tag lines that people throw on these things with words like "probiotics", "daily vitamins", "protein"! Makes us think that we have to be consuming one of these pre made, store bought {not to mention outrageously expensive} shakes because hello they're the holy grail, the full package...spoiler alert NOPE. When something seems too good to be true, it is. Now don't feel discouraged or down if you have tried these type of shakes, used them, or even replaced meals with them because we only learn by doing! But be thankful you're here now reading up on what you should be eating instead of that store bought "just add water" junk.

BL Shakes

Two words...WHOLE FOODS

Foods that will give you all of your necessary macro and micro nutrients. Foods that include proteins, carbs, veggies & fruits. Foods that will nourish the body straight from the source. Eating whole foods will always be better than a meal replacement whether it's a shake, bar, or other supplement because many of the popular ones contain added sugars, preservatives and other gross shit that you simply don't need.

This being said...of course we don't always have time to prepare or eat whole foods and sometimes we just need something a little more convenient...enter the homemade shake! If you are pinched for time and need to make something quick to take with you out the door a HOMEMADE shake is a great option. This should be made from foods you would normally consume such as peanut butter, greek yogurt, banana, frozen fruit, etc.! You can throw in whatever ingredients you want as long as it's real food. My personal favorites are:

  1. Frozen Berries, a handful or 2 of spinach, a banana, greek yogurt, a splash of OJ and a scoop of protein powder.
  2. Banana, scoop of PB, Ice, Almond/ milk, scoop of protein powder, half avocado, carton of plain greek yogurt.

The goal is to give your body a healthy mix of proteins, carbs & fats to refuel and recover.

At the end of the day, we should begin to look at shakes as a snack between meals when we're on the go to keep our bodies running, but they should never take the place of a whole meal! If you have the choice always choose real foods in their whole form over shakes!



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