Self Love Isn't Selfish!


This topic has been something that i've been meaning to write about for a while but couldn't find the right words. Aka I needed to take some time to cool off a bit and think on it before I wrote a crazy rant that had people emailing saying "LAUREN ARE YOU OK?" 🙊

But really.

I had an encounter with someone I know recently and I was mind blown, HARD. I couldn't understand how someone could think so poorly & project this poor thinking of themselves onto others. Ok enough of me talking in circles...let me lay it out for you.


Whether you're a mother, sister, friend, partner whatever, you making time for yourself doesn't have to mean that you're depriving the other people in your life.

I was having a conversation with someone recently and they said to me "I just don't understand why so and so went to the gym after work after having her kids in daycare all day, I mean I would be headed straight to that daycare at 5pm to pick up my kids".

self love selfish

So honestly I feel like there's a lot wrong with this statement including... projecting your values onto someone else, shunning someone because their choices are different than yours & caring too much about what others are doing with their life instead of making YOUR life worth living!

I politely said back to this person... "well I feel like she will be a better mom, spouse, worker in her life if she takes some time to better herself". AND honestly I 100% believe this.


I wanted to share this little idea with you because I feel that so many of us feel guilty for taking time for ourselves. I mean 100% honesty here I do it too. I will have had a busy day & want to head straight home to workout and destress but then the feelings of "oh Chris and I haven't had a date night recently" or "oh jeez I have so much work to get done, should I really workout?"

These feelings are normal and don't just relate to working out, it could be "should I go on that morning walk?" "should I take 10 extra minutes getting ready in the morning?" "Should I really be working tonight?". Because I need to do XYZ or Spend more time with XYZ

self love isn't selfish BL

We all have these nagging feelings of guilt for putting ourselves at the top of the priorities list and I'm here to tell you we have got to cut that shit out!

When you invest in you, you invest in your life, in your purpose. By giving yourself some attention you in turn will feel more clear.

So now lets chat, do you ever have these feelings, or have had a conversation like the above that made you question your worth? Lets get the conversation going because one persons story could help many!