Oh Kale Yes...Salt & Vinegar Chips



Kale Chips Recipe

Ohhhhh Kale Yes!

I have been a salt & vinegar chip addict since....well forever. I just love the salty and sour taste, but also that delicious crunch of my favorite (i know terrible) Utz potato chips. Over the last couple of months I decided to ween myself off of eating chips. I felt like I was eating them more out of habit than necessity. I would always have chips with my sandwich, but for what reason? Once I figured that A. chips are pretty greasy and bad for me, and B. that I would enjoy something else such as fruit, or veggies on the side I decided to Nix the chips all together. Now the only chips I have on hand are blue corn tortilla chips for some guac, or salsa occasionally.

BL Salt and Vinegar Kale Chips

Even though I don't have chips on hand anymore I do like to indulge every once in a while when I'm ordering a sandwich at a deli!

Weirdly enough I haven't craved chips much since I gave them up, but one day last week I was in a local sandwich shop near my house and saw my favorite bag and had to have them. As I was eating them I wondered if there was a way to recreate them without all the added terrible ingredients.

Per usual I searched Pinterest and found a potato chip substitute (kale) and decided to give it a try.  You guys I mean this seriously when I tell you that I am in love with kale chips!

Salt & vinegar kale chips

I couldn't even tell the difference between kale chips and the real deal. They are salty enough, have enough punch from the vinegar and just enough crunch.

Also to make it even better you don't feel guilty while eating them because they're made with greens and baked which basically is like you're eating a salad...win, win in my book.


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BL_arrow 1 bunch of kale

BL_arrow 3 Tbsp. white vinegar (or apple cider vinegar)

BL_arrow 1 Tbsp. olive oil

BL_arrow 1 Tsp. sea salt


  1. Slice kale into bite sized pieces
  2. Add kale, vinegar, olive oil, and sea salt in large bowl, and toss to combine.
  3. Evenly disperse kale pieces onto baking sheet
  4. Cook at 350 for 7-10 mins. or until desired crispness.
  5. Enjoy!

Let me know how you guys like them!

Live Blissfully!