The No BS Full Body Workout & Video


I'm just gunna lay it all out on the line... This full body workout is no bullshit! No weightless squats or flutter kicks here.

Just a few solid moves that will get you moving and that heart rate up incorporating dumbbells and of course your own body weight!

BL Full Body Workout

As I told you guys in last weeks Wellness Spotlight post I'm going to be incorporating more workouts and videos into the blog which will always consist of full body workouts. I personally don't love when people pick a body part say "booty" and do isolated movements to try and improve the "booty". I want to help you ladies become strong, fit women and truthfully I think that's more than a "tight booty" or "slim thighs" 😒! I believe it all starts with the core. If your core isn't stable how do you expect to brace yourself and complete any exercise properly, am I right?

So now how do we develop a strong core?  A FULL BODY WORKOUT! That's how 😊

Blissfully Lively No BS Full Body Workout

Circuit 1 x3

  • 10 Push Ups {or as many as you can do, If you need to modify try on a bench or wall}
  • 6 Single Leg Squats {each leg} {If you need to modify try slowly lowering into seated position with a chair behind you, loading your planted leg}
  • 10 Box Jumps


Circuit 2 x3

  • 10 Ring Rows or Dumbbell Rows {Pick a weight that feels right for you, not too heavy to sacrifice form}
  • 30 second Plank Rocks { Remember to keep butt DOWN and brace your core}
  • 1 min Dumbbell Walks {I used 20 lbs} {keep your chest up & shoulders back, try not to arch the back}



I hope this workout kicked your ass & I will see you back here next Wednesday for another BL Workout!

Any workouts you guys want to see? At Home, 30 minutes or less, etc. Leave your requests below.




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