Blissfully Lively x lululemon Night of Bliss Event Recap


✨Welcome to the first Blissfully Lively event, A Night of Bliss!✨

Night of Bliss

Woah, I am seriously still in good vibes land after this event and am just starting to process all the goodness that happened last Friday night. Let me set the mood for you...

Soft dim lighting with christmas tree lights covered by whimsical drapery on the ceiling casting a warm glow at Rootdown yoga. 30 women of incredibly different styles, backgrounds, etc. coming together to find their bliss seated on the floor comfortably next to one another. 3 phenomenal women pouring their heart and soul out into the room, sharing their stories of suffering that lead them to finding their bliss. Being vulnerable with the crowd on their ups and downs in life and how they overcame hardship in order to find their happiness.

Night of Bliss

Bl Night of Bliss Event

It was a night I will never forget all because I took a chance on myself, stepped out of my comfort zone and said screw it, i'm going to host an event! I wanted to touch womens lives closer to home, help them become their best selves and find their purpose and passion and not just online. Being in a space with that many positive, women that wanted to hear my {and the other ladies opinions} and open themselves up to one another was so incredibly inspiring and surreal.

The night started with a meditation by yoga instructor and owner of Root Down Yoga, Ericka. Her vibes were incredibly empowering by reminding us all that we need to check in with ourselves, and nourish our bodies daily. Allow ourselves time to drink water, eat whole foods and breath deep, breathing in the positives and letting go of the negatives. Her yoga studio is stunning, so inviting and homey and I am so grateful that she donated her space for the event. Thank you!

Bl Night of Bliss

3 speakers were set to speak all about finding their bliss. The empowering women we chose were Raya Al-Hashmi of Raya on Assignment, Annie Wagoner of Core Nourishment & Amber Lilyestrom of Soul Fueled CEO. They all spoke beautifully about being vulnerable, allowing yourself to change and evolve, and how to design the life you want to live through small changes and proactive thinking.

night of bliss ray

Night of Bliss Amber

 Each womens story was incredibly and it reminded me of how often we look at someone and think they have their shit together, their life is on track and they must have it all under control when in reality we all have a story, we all have a past full of hardships that have shaped and molded us. Each one of these women had a story that I would never think happened to them by looking at them, judging their life from the outside. I applaud and thank them so deeply for sharing it with us all to help us to finding our bliss!

URock Marketing

Our night concluded with my most favorite part, the vision board party! Nick from UROCK Marketing donated the vision board supplies and his time to this event and I could not thank him enough for providing such a phenomenal experience for all these ladies. The women flipped through magazines, tore out pictures, quotes, anything that positively resonated with them or that they wanted for their futures and glued them on to a board. This board is supposed to be hung in a space where you will see it everyday and if you look at it daily you are 33% more likely to accomplish your goals. CRAZY! Thank you Nick for your generosity!

Laney & Lu

Bliss Foodscape

You guys know how much of a foodie I am and having Laney & Lu there to provide 2 delicious foodscapes for all the ladies, made the whole night! These platters were so stunning I almost didn't want to eat them, almost. Thank you to the L&L crew that donated their time & delicious eats to this event. Whole real foods fueling these positive and empowering ladies was the icing on the cake!

Night of Bliss Laney & Lu Crew

Blissfully Lively Night of Bliss

Bl Night of Bliss

Blissfully Lively nIght of Bliss Fun

Night of Bliss Event

BL Night of Bliss Guests

Bl Night of Bliss Raya on Assignment

From the bottom of my heart thank you to all of the people that donated their time & energy to this event. I want to send out a huge thank you to lululemon Portsmouth for their support as well. I adored cohosting this event with them and am so thankful for their support! Thank you to all the BL readers old & new that came out to support and are now following along, without your help we would not have donated over $400 to 2 local charities, so thank you.

I can't wait for more BL events in the future!

P.S. Loved the music at the Night of Bliss? Peep my playlist below :)