How to Create a Healthy Morning Routine


I recently started sharing my morning routine on Instagram and immediately you guys began asking me for more info. Because of such a large amount of Q's I decided to make it into one blog post where you can find all the info on how to start your day off as stress free as possible.

So with this being said why don't I walk you guys through my morning routine...

My days, like I'm sure most of yours aren't ever really the same. Sometimes I have hours available in the morning to get up slowly & work on tons of BL stuff, other mornings i'm shortened on time because of a TRX class i'm teaching or a meal prep client/ odd jobs I'm taking on the side as I grow this platform!

The below format is ideally what routine I am striving for this summer.

BL Summer Morning Routine

Bl Morning Routine
Bl Morning Routine
7am: Wake up

Chris sets his alarm for 7am every morning so I am inevitably up at this time. Honestly morning wake ups are super hard for me but I am trying to get up earlier to fit in more me time. Chris uses a gradual alarm It's an app that you turn on at night that tracks your sleep and wakes you up when your body is in the lightest sleep cycle. So you would set it at a range of 6:45am-7:15am and it will wake you up anytime between there that it feels you are in your lightest sleep. Pretty genius!

7:15am : Sip on some water
BL Healthy Morning Routine Lemon Water
BL Healthy Morning Routine Lemon Water

I eventually roll out of bed after a few morning snuggles & stretches around 7:10am and make my way to the kitchen to hydrate. Think about how dehydrated your body is after not drinking anything for 8 hours. I try to drink 2 full glasses of water right when I wake up.

7:30am : Yoga/ Meditation
BL morning meditation
BL morning meditation

This is something that I began doing religiously about a month ago and it has changed my days immensely!! I put on my favorite spotify meditation station {click & it will send you to the exact playlist} and start through my first yoga flow. Something like THIS. I complete 3-4 rounds of the yoga flow & add a little plank work to it. Then I sit in meditation following Gabby Bernstein's Meditation music for about 10-15 minutes.

8am : Daily Reminders/ Gratitudes

Immediately following meditation I write up my daily reminders. These are what you have seen on Instagram story if you follow along there. It consists of 3 "to do's", 3 gratitudes, 3 affirmations & 1 personal biography. I try to complete this every morning but if not I try and shoot for 3 times per week. This is my time to also write down anything that came to me during meditation. I am flooded with creative ideas every once in a while during meditation so I take the time to write this down afterward.

8:15/8:20am : Breakfast
BL Morning Routine Breakfast
BL Morning Routine Breakfast

Breakfast is no joke my favorite time of the day. I love breakfast food & I love the calm sense of self I have after completing these few morning practices. I usually opt for eggs, a fruit and a grain option in the morning. A few of my favorites are 2 BL Egg Cups, half a grapefruit & a piece of whole wheat toast w/ natural PB OR Avocado Toast w/ 2 eggs. I also brew up a cup of green tea or if i'm smart enough on Sunday I brew it up then & add it to the refrigerator so I can have iced tea. I just started reading the morning news over breakfast {no not crazy old school from a newspaper} but my new favorite app. The Skimm. It's an email news service formed by 2 women who want to make news easy for the every girl. So It's basically news in layman's terms, so genius. I just felt like I never wanted to watch the news because for 1 it made me sad and for 2 I couldn't really understand anything they were saying, but I still wanted to be informed so The Skimm is such an awesome tool.

9ish am : Begin work

I normally begin work around 9am outlining a list of "to do's" and then trimming that list down to 2/3 things that I know I can accomplish today. If I accomplish those things I can move on to 1 or 2 others. I try to keep my list of "to do's" incredibly small as a large list overwhelms me and then I don't get anything done.

If you guys have read through this you know that my daily workout wasn't included. I actually prefer to workout in the afternoon, my body responds to strength training so much better once I am up and have been using my brain for a few hours. After lunch around 2/3 or before dinner is my favorite time to workout.

Now I want to know...

What does your morning routine look like?

Lets share in the comments section & get the conversation started. A morning routine is so important and I think we need more ideas/ ways to get our bodies ready for the day!