Kitchen Transformation

Hi everyone! I hope your first day back to work isn't too painful from all the fun had yesterday at memorial day cookouts, and family get togethers. Today's blog post is focusing on a Transformation Tuesday, our KITCHEN! I think our kitchen may be my favorite room in the house, other than our bedroom but that isn't close to finished yet, so that transformation will be coming later. Our kitchen is mostly complete other than two shelves, and our microwave being placed above the stove area. Our House was bought as a foreclosure and we think the guy who lived in it before had some sort of health problem (we learned this from the neighbors) so cleaning was difficult. because of this the kitchen took a lot of deep cleaning, painting, and thrift shopping to get it to where it is, and it isn't even totally complete yet. I hope you guys love the transformation pictures! Down below I will describe where we purchased everything. Here it is!




kitch aft
Alright so as you guys can see the house was pretty gross before we deep cleaned and fixed it up. Chris' dad is a carpenter so we were so lucky that he was there to tell us what to fix, and what to leave and really just there to walk us through everything. Also Chris' mom is one of the best deep cleaners I know she is seriously a super women so she was so helpful in getting this place to be livable. My mom also was a huge help because she gifted us the tile flooring that you see in the above after photo. Now here is a breakdown of our furniture, and the process.

Furniture/ Appliances:

Countertops: We kept the original counter top, and cabinets that you see in the above photo, but bleached cleaned and painted them white, and then painted the countertops with a Rustoleum countertop transformation grey, which we thought would be darker but turned out ok. Appliances: We bought a new dishwasher, and fridge from Lowes, and bought a used stove from one of my moms friends for a great price. Table/ Chairs: We have had the table in chairs for a few years, they were a hand-me-down from my mom which has a leaf that extends the table. The table was a little beat up so I ended up covering it with a $20 table cloth from TJmaxx. Fan: We washed and repainted the fan, to save money. Curtains/rods: The curtains I got from Bed bath and Beyond for $20, and the rod I got from Lowes for $15.

The Process:

The house was bought in the beginning of February, and instantly we began deep cleaning and gutting it. We ripped out the floor, and took a bucket of bleach and washed every single surface and crevasse of the house! After this we began picking out paint colors, and painted the kitchen and the cabinets. The floor was then put in, and right after this all our appliances were delivered. We moved in in Mid April, and from then on began decorating and doing little things to the kitchen such as painting the counter tops.

Things Left To Do:

As of now we only have a few things left to do! Put up pictures, and decorative kitchen items, hang two shelves above the stove, hang the microwave, and buy a lamp for above the sink, and hang it. Obviously there may be unexpected things along the way that we want to add, but as of now we are pretty excited to have one room almost completely finished. There are so many things that pop up along the way and completely finishing one room is a pretty great feeling.
I hope you all enjoyed this Transformation Tuesday Post, and will be back on Friday for the things I'm loving this week. I think I will also post another Transformation next Tuesday, focusing on our Bathroom! Live Blissfully!