Introducing...The BL Book Club


I have been wanting to bring this to BL for quite some time as I am a ferocious reader and fricken love my reading time but have held off, worried that it would take up too much time to create a successful book club.

Thank goodness Instagram came out with the Live feature because I have found a new way to create the BL book club I have been longing for.

You guys know my obsession with any books from the self help/fitness/ wellness/ nutrition genre so that's exactly what this book club is going to be centered around.

Books that make us BETTER!

I have been asked by so many family and friends for book reccomendations & have been wanting a way to connecting with you amazing ladies that read and utilize the blog so I thought we would pick a book, assign pages & then chit chat over Insta/FB live weekly about what we read. Sharing our own personal connections to the book, stories we have or even just feelings/ things that the book made us think about during these pages.

blissfully lively Book Club
blissfully lively Book Club

The point of this book club is to bring all of you BL readers together while also giving us a space to chat! I have created a secret FB group, girls only for all of our chats... SO go become a member!

Ok so here's the format & FIRST book we will be reading!

BL Book Club
  • Start date Tuesday August 8th 8PM {FB live to assign pages & chat about the book!}
  • Book: Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini
  • Join BL BOOK CLUB FB Group
  • Weekly chit chat: Every Tuesday night at 8pm we will chat about the pages we've read and how it applies to our life, our choices, etc! & assign new pages for the week ahead. {don't worry if you miss it you can re-watch it later on!}
  • Use the group as a community, be able to share confidentially and give advice to others!

OK, so now go purchase your book or {amazon prime it 2 days before like I would LOL} and get ready for Tuesday night!

So excited for this babes!




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