How To Thrive In Your Hustle ( & Love Every Minute Of It)


Book Letdown Oh my goodness! I have been waiting to post all about this motivational interview for quite some time. Today I bring you Author, Lifestyle Coach, & Podcaster Katie Corcoran. Katie and I met {funny enough} through social media and we instantly connected on our hustling ways. Katie had just put out her {amazing} book all about hustling & I was in the depths of working 2 jobs and going to school full time.

Basically Katie's book was an uber positive note that struck a cord with me in the best way. While I was struggling working tons, blogging on the side and going to school full time Katie's book was teaching me how to thrive in those everyday struggles that most women deal with on the reg.

Ok enough about me! without further Ado I give you badass lady hustler Katie Corcoran...

BL: Hi Katie! Introduce yourself to Blissfully Lively readers.

KC: Well hello there Blissfully Lively readers. I am thrilled to say hello to you today. My name is Katie Corcoran and I am a Lifestyle Coach, Podcaster, "Lady Hustler," Author and work in Influencer Marketing.

BL: How did you get started in Lifestyle Coaching?

KC: I started my coaching journey as a health coach actually and was certified from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2013. Shortly after that I was coaching clients one-on-one through wellness and nutrition, but realized I really neglected to listen to some of my own coaching "guidelines" and found myself over-worked, stressed, partying in NYC {just a bit too frequently}, and was often stuck in a mental state of self-sabotage.  It became quite challenging for me to listen and help others work through the struggles of "finding their way" when I, in fact, felt like a peer. So I paused the coaching and set out to further examine how other inspiring women find and maintain a healthy life balance in the "hustle" of our busy-ness. And I did that by writing my first book She Makes It Work: A DIY Guide to Thrive in Your Hustle.

BL: Your book She Makes It Work: A DIY Guide to Thrive in Your Hustle is amazing, I seriously couldn't put it down. What made you want to write it? Is there a story behind it?

KC: Thank you, and yes absolutely! After questioning hundreds of friends and people about how they find "balance," I selected 21 to share some of their tips and tricks in my book and I call them the Lady Hustlers. Being that I couldn't seem to find a comfortable answer for myself, it became important for me to seek advice and perspective from numerous, trusted sources around me.

BL: You seem to live a super positive lifestyle how do you thrive in your hustle?

KC: First and foremost, I whole-heartedly believe positivity is a choice. I have days and moments where I feel out of sorts and, on the inside, just am the farthest from positive. But I have to remind myself that the thoughts and feelings will pass and I often check in with my basic human needs. Have I put nutritious food in my body? Have I had enough water? Have I fit in some sweat time? Have I slept? If any of those are out of sorts, I really begin to have what I call "adult tantrums," and just sit feeling sorry for myself. So generally it only takes a day or so to get back in alignment and get myself on track when I address those needs first. Then on to the bigger thoughts!

BL: What does a lady hustlers day look like?

KC: Great question! A Lady Hustler's day is filled with an acronym I created called the T-H-R-I-V-E concept. She's thoughtful toward others and herself, she incorporates a bit of hustle to feel productive and accomplished, she commits to residually grow every day through ingesting positive content, she also knows her story is important and she has the power to inspire others, she knows and honors her value and, lastly, she feels empowered to make decisions for herself. But for this Lady Hustler there's no day I can't go without a good workout or some movement time, that always seems to snap me back into action {real quick}.

Katie Interview

BL: Do you have any tips for people looking to live a healthier life?

KC: This may sound simple, but put in the work. Don't think about doing the work. Just do it. I so often hear people believe old truths about themselves--like truly believing they are active--but really just enjoy wearing some cute yoga pants and recalling a time in their lives where they were more active. One step a day equals 30 steps a month and 365 steps a year. It's remarkable!

BL: What's the number one take away from your book?

KC: My hope is that readers feel reminded that they are exactly where they need to be today. I had a lovely reader tell me her big "ah ha" from She Makes It Work was that she wanted to read it to find "answers," but instead discovered all the answers are in her power to choose. And, honestly, that's what I learned too. We all have our own definition of balance. We are all just making "it" work for us, and have to just be comfortable with trusting the process.

BL: I know you recently started a podcast called Badass & Bare, what do you guys chat about?

KC: Yes! my co-host Andrea Hood and I started Badass & Bare at the beginning of 2016 and concluded Season 1 with 24 episodes and tens of thousands of listens -- which was slightly unexpected, but totally awesome! We started the show to help inspire women in flux to feel badass in her own power and to tune into our weekly ear candy. Honestly, for Season 1, we just kind of rolled with it and did what felt right at the moment. But, Season 2 will be more structured and will cover elements of relationships you have with yourself. Think a personal relationship with money, humor, community, and more! We are thrilled and launching in September.

BL: Who is one person you look up to in your field of self help?

KC: Elizabeth Gilbert is big for me right now. Her book Big Magic really helped me better understand how to embrace my creative and I often think about passages and stories in her book when I'm in a place of struggle or growth. I also adore her Oprah Soul Sessions Speech called "Flight of the Hummingbird - The Curiosity Driven Life." It is out of this world and worth every minute of the 30-minute watch!

BL: What do you hope people take away from your book, podcast, or coaching?

KC: To trust your gut and just own your inner lady hustlin' badass.


I mean woah! Don't you feel like from just talking to Katie you want to give yourself a swift kick in the ass to improve you life? I know I do! If you loved the interview and want to connect more with Katie follow her Instagram and check out her website.

Live Blissfully!




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