How to Start Meal Prepping & Stick with It

As you guys know meal prepping is my jam. I mean hello I started a whole business based around it, but truthfully, it can be a bit daunting every Sunday to plan out your meals, prepare, & store them. I crafted up this post to help you newbie "meal preppers" get a handle on how to start and stick with preparing healthy choices every week.

Meal Prepping BL

How to Start Meal Prepping & Stick with it

1.Make it an experience: We all know the Sunday morning grocery trip when everyone and their mother is at the grocery store is no bueno! So it's time to switch it up! If possible make your shopping more of an experience than a boring thing that needs to be checked off the to-do list. I have started shopping for all of my produce at a local farmers market and I love it. Just stepping inside the market lights me up. I love the smell of fresh cut flowers, vibrant produce that hasn't been previously frozen & the homey feel.

Blissfully Lively Fresh Flowers Meal Prepping

{I wish you guys could smell these...PHENOMENAL}

Another amazing idea is a crop share. Check out local farms in your area to see if they offer this service. You can get fresh eggs, fruits & veggies per week throughout picking season. This also allows you some awesome variety in your produce selection, where as if you grabbed it from the grocery store you might just pick the same old same old broccoli. Options are endless and working with random ingredients could spice up your weekly prepping.

Meal Prepping Tips

2. Start small: Just start by prepping your snacks, or maybe 1 dinner out. Going full fledged meal prep of every single meal can be so overwhelming. Pick one thing like all of your snacks for the week, portion them out into glass tupperware and set that aside. Once your feel comfortable doing that move on to adding in 1 meal for you or your family per week. Eventually preparing healthy options will become second nature.

Every week I prep all of our veggies so I chop up some cucumbers, red pepper & carrots with a bit of hummus for a quick & easy grab and go snack. It's a double win if I'm already prepping a salad for the week so I already have all of those ingredients & utensils out!

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3. Lists should be your go to: For anyone who is just starting out meal prepping lists should be your best friend. Snap a screenshot of your favorite Pinterest recipe, write down the ingredients on a digital or hand written list. There is nothing worse than walking into the grocery store unprepared & heading straight to the processed foods sections because you feel flustered.

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4. Make it Engaging: chopping up ingredients, and spending an hour or so in the kitchen can feel a bit boring, I love to make it engaging by listening to some of my favorite podcasts, or turning on a new Spotify playlist and jamming out. A few of my favorite podcasts are The Garyvee Show, Almost 30 & of course my own, Honestly Uncensored. Also BL has a Spotify playlist of some perfect hits to listen too while prepping away.

5. Do it w/ a friend or spouse: I love to head to the farmers market with a friend one day per week, make it a little girls date grab a coffee before hand and spend time with your bestie. Also another option to help you pass the time is a trade off. One of you cooks while one of you chops to get it done faster. I have clients who the husband chops up the veggies and the wife cooks up the dinners, fast and efficient! Love it. Tag teaming is always the way to go if possible.

Farmers Market Meal Prepping BL

Famers Market Meal Prepping Tips BL

6. Prep meals you are interested in: Start a Pinterest board of recipes to feel inspired by cooking up new delicious meals. If you are always preparing the same old same old, prepping the meal is going to be just as boring as eating them. Take a peek a the BL recipes tab to get your mouth watering!

Meal prepping 101

7. Do it all on one day... or break it up: To each his own! I love banging it all out in 2 hours on Sunday but some people may prefer prepping up 1 meal and a few snacks Sunday and then preparing again Wednesday after work! I know a crazy thought, but meal prepping can be cathartic to some {myself included, the repetition and zen-ness of it chills me out}.

I hope these few tips can help you get started on preparing healthier meal options in your own kitchen! Remember above all else try and add a little fun into it whether it be trying a new ingredient, bringing your kids into the mix or turning up the music and jamming out like me.


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