How to Balance A Social Life & Personal Health in Your 20's

Binge drinking, bar hopping & late night greasy snacks are the status quo when it comes to socializing in your 20's.

While this isn't my style of having fun on a weekend I know so many people love to socialize out at bars with friends. The reality of this though is some take it to a whole other level,  getting wild until 2am only to wake up the next morning and realize they drank all their calories away and have a faint memory of binge eating a few too many midnight snacks.

BL Balance in your twenties

In this post i'm not talking to the people who love to have a drink or two on Saturday night and socialize with their friends {though you too could find these tips helpful}, but I am talking to the people who feel like they can't rip themselves away from the binge culture that once was college and adjust to a more balanced social life that takes their health into account.

*SIDE NOTE: i'm also not saying the binge culture in college is ok, but that's just a topic for a WHOLE other blog post!

BL Balance in your 20's

Being social, how you're perceived, temptation and serious cases of FOMO are all things that hold people back from creating boundaries with alcohol. And i'm here to let you know we all feel these things from time to time, but putting your health and happiness first should always be the goal.

Bl Balance and social culture

Keeping in mind that this can be incredibly hard I thought why not give people a few tips on how to still socialize, create those fun experiences with friends, and enjoy a drink or two but also keep your health as a top priority with a little balance.

Lets get down to business...


Tips to balance a social life & your health in your 20's

  1. Practice self reflection: Is this something that I want to do? Is this something I'm doing because I care about what others think of me? Is this extra drink {handful of chips, night out} really worth it? It's so easy to get caught up in doing what other people do because of subconscious peer pressure but if it isn't serving you why do it? Before you say yes to anything regarding weekend socializing try to take a beat and really think if this is something you want or need in your life.
  2. Be ok with saying NO: This one goes hand in hand with the first tip. But when we practice more self reflection there are going to be times when we have to say no, or when we want to say no. This can be to another drink at the bar or to another night of going out with friends all together. You have to come to terms with the fact that people may feel let down by you not meeting their expectations, but that is 100% not YOUR problem. YOU DO YOU!
  3. Think about how you would like to be spending your money?: This one is difficult but so necessary to think about. Going out with friends leads to TONS of money spent. The question is how would you like to be spending your money, and only you can answer this. Uber's to and from the bar, 5 dollar beers & late night food adds up, and is this serving you? OR Saturday morning yoga class with your besties, whole food grocery runs & stocking up on drinks at the liquor store for a get together with friends at home? These are all questions we need to think about.
  4. Mix in a water & a workout: Going out with friends sometimes leads to peer pressure which means one {or two} drinks too many which can leave you feeling bloated, dehydrated, etc! When you do go out with friends try to mix in a water for every drink you have. This might sound annoying as you are at the bar but this can also be done the moment you get home, if you have 3 drinks chug 3 glasses or water before you head to bed. Another great way of creating some balance is heading to the gym the morning after for a little cardio to sweat out some of those toxins.


BL balance

The feelings of peer pressure and balancing our health while also continuing a social life in our 20's is so hard! I totally understand this struggle and I hope a few of this tips can help you guys get on a more mindful track!

If you want more of a personalized plan or help balancing send me an email!