High Intensity Sweat Sesh Full Body Workout


I hopped off the high intensity workout train when I started strength training regularly because truthfully I felt strength training was more bang for my buck and more my speed {I personally dislike the gasping for breath feeling, but some live for it}.

I realized that even though the high intensity sweat sesh isn't my favorite some people adore their efficiency and over all intensity, so every once in a while a shorter high intensity workout will be coming to the blog!

BL Sweat Sesh Workout

I put this workout together with busy people in mind. Exercises to get your heart rate up and work the whole body in less than 30 minutes. This was was a hard one with lots of high intensity so please feel free to rest at any point, but never quit, YOU'VE GOT THIS!

As you can see in the video I use dumbbells for the step ups, please pick a weight that you can tolerate and keep proper form to complete 20 reps 3 times! Don't forget if you pick up a weight and it seems to heavy you can always stop, and choose a different weight, don't get discouraged, it's all trial and error.


High Intensity Sweat Sesh Full Body Workout


Circuit 1 x3

  • Step up's w/ knee drive x10 each side
  • Med ball Slams x 10
  • lateral crawls x8 each side

Circuit 2 x3

  • Squat to kneel x10
  • Mountain climbers x 20
  • Inch worm to push up x10 {or how ever many you can do without sacrificing form}

Core/ Stretching x3

  • Ball Leg Lifts x 10
  • Stretching




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