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Ok so let me just tell you guys this interview was KILLER!

I am so excited I reached out to Holly, and now have her amazing health/wellness insight to bring to you guys. Her knowledge of healthy living/ eating is beyond amazing and will make you want to drop the sweets ASAP. Her overall positive outlook on life & pursuit of doing something that she loves & cares about is so inspiring. Also side note I'm so happy people are reaching out to me on how much they love these interviews because my whole goal behind it is to be inspiring and helpful to others in need of advice, motivation, etc! Ok ok, enough of me gushing about her... Lets chat.

BL: Hey Holly! Please introduce yourself to Blissfully Lively readers.

Holly: Aloha friends. I live in beautiful Arizona with my handsome husband and our two sweet rescue pups. I’m a holistic health coach and the founder of a healthy food company called Conscious Dining.

BL: I know you started your own nutrition and wellness company called Conscious Dining. Tell us a little about it.

Holly: Conscious Dining began in January 2016 and was created to help others stay committed to eating healthy through out the week – everything 100% gluten free, organic and non-gmo, catering to vegan, vegetarian and paleo lifestyles. We specialize in a 5-Day meal preparation and nutritional consultations. As we continue to grow it’s important that our clients feel the love and integrity in our foods.

BL: Why did you decide to start Conscious Dining?

Holly: I wanted to be able to share my passion for eating and living a balanced, healthy lifestyle with others that truly need it. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease that creates a severe inflammatory response and it has been the driving force for me to help others, be my own boss and stay committed on my own wellness journey. Most ‘health scares’ makes people reflect on their life in a new way and it was the catalyst for me to let go and create my legacy to helping others. I have nothing to lose; only supporting others journeys to gain. Simply, I want to do what I love. So I created my dream job.

BL: What is your favorite recipe you currently craft up?

Holly: My husband calls me a professional chopper at home. I love whipping up salads more than anything and I believe the smaller you chop your vegetables the more exciting they are to eat in a salad. I’m an intuitive cook, recipes actually give me slight anxiety. I love vibrant foods and I try to eat a variation of colors through out the week. Currently local figs are in season - and raw, organic figs could just be my most favorite treat on their own.

Lunch salad recipe

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BL: Can you give us some healthy eating tips?

Holly:  I swear by a few things…

*Without fail every morning, I make myself a 32 ounce mason of room temp water from our Berkey – a charcoal water filter – and add organic lemon juice and braggs apple cider vinegar. This flushes my kidneys, jump starts proper digestion (wink wink) and helps rid your body of built up toxins.

*I eat organic vegetables everyday – raw, juiced, fermented or baked. Food is medicine and consistent vegetable intake is key. I specify organic because there are only more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants without pesticides or being genetically modified. I think of them like taking a daily multi vitamin.

*Limit your sugars - even natural sugars! This is so important to be away of your daily intake as it is the leading cause of many complications with the body. I know that sugar makes me more emotional – this actually shows up for most people. Blood sugar imbalances can usually show up as irritability, anger, depression, anxiety and it’s interesting to see the affect the day after. If I feel off one day, I can usually trace the previous 24-48 hours and find the sweet culprit! Sugar also creates inflammation and yeast overgrowth in our digestive track. No thank you!

BL: Do you have a mantra you repeat daily? I know you’re into good vibes, and positivity.

Holly: I don’t have a specific mantra but I do try my best to have a consistent meditation practice, which is important for me as I continue to grow older. I always spend part of my meditations focuses on the things in my life I’m grateful for. When I forget or focus only on the things I want, it’s easy to feel not enough. I try my best to get out of that space through breath work and the consistent reminder of the beauty in my world.

BL: What’s your favorite meal? Healthy, and not so healthy for the days when you’re craving something a little sweet.

Holly: I never really crave sweet, but I am a sucker for a gluten-free pastry with a cup of coffee and almond milk. I do crave salty and I think I could live off Mexican food – especially chips, salsa and guacamole. We have an awesome spot that makes vegan butternut squash tacos with homemade corn tortillas that are like mini fluffy pancakes near us and that our favorite date night spot.

Holly Conscious Dining

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BL: I know you provide custom meal packages, but tell me a little more about the health consultations you provide.

Holly: Our consultations are my passion and make me feel so fulfilled! I created my own programing for clients that need additional motivation, direction and education to live a healthy lifestyle on their own. I felt like there was a nitch for people recently diagnosed with something and a doctor tells them “no dairy, gluten or sugar”. For many that’s a really overwhelming moment. That’s where I come in, hold their hand and support the transition. I have always loved being a motivator and cheering others on and I wanted to create a program that created lasting change.

BL: What does your healthy day looking like? Do you workout, meditate, eat clean, what is your routine?

Holly: I wake up loving my two furs babies – snuggles are always needed and I’m very present to that moment. I hate rushing so I’m usually an early riser to give myself enough time to have my morning routine and sit in the sunshine. I’ve recently started strength training; I know that for optimal health especially for women lifting weights (or body weight) is critical for bone and immune health. So I try to get that done 3-4 times a week in the morning. After a full day of work – making sure I take breaks to regroup and get breath back in my body – I make a healthy meal for my husband and I. We love this and it might be the most consistent thing we do. Recently we purchased a hot tub so an evening soak has been something I’m digging right before Netflix.

BL: If someone is looking to get on a healthier life track with eating/ working out what is the number one thing you recommend they do.

Holly: Education is power. I would recommend reading books/articles, watching documentaries, talk with others on why it’s important to live a healthier lifestyle. Knowledge is power and for me the more I know, the more I can also hold myself accountable – simply because I know better.


I hope you all enjoyed learning a little more about Holly and Conscious Dining. Isn't she the sweetest? If any of you are looking for some Holistic Health coaching, or just want to learn more about it follow Conscious Dining on Facebook (& social media provided above).

Live Blissfully!



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