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You know I love hitting you guys with positivity & motivation when you need it most so what better way to start off your Tuesday than with just that an inspiring interview with blogger Lauren Shaber of Lauren Lives Healthy. If you guys have been reading the blog since way back you would already know Lauren from the spinach recipe post that we did together 2 years ago but for those that don't Lauren is a healthy lifestyle blogger that chronicles her life trying to "choose healthy". Follow her Instagram if you're looking for some serious real talk on listening to your body & want to drool over delicious recipes on the daily.

Lauren and I met through social media years ago and I connected with her because I loved her positive attitude and the passion she had behind her fitness journey to live healthy and find balance. Recently Lauren posted a blog article all about being more than a "Tone It Up Girl" and I thought this was so courageous. Lauren had utilized Tone It Up to live her healthiest life for a while but when it started to define her she took a step back and switched her thinking a bit.

If you guys know anything about me you know that I love real genuine people and after Lauren was so honest and open about her experience I knew that I needed to share her mindset & thoughts with you guys on the blog!

Lauren Lives Healthy Interview

BL: Hi Lauren! Please introduce yourself to Blissfully Lively readers.

LLH: Hi! Thanks so much for having me. I currently live near Portland, OR with my boyfriend and pup, though I’m a born-and-raised California girl. I work full-time in marketing and share my healthy living journey on the side at Lauren Lives Healthy.

BL: I know that you have created your blog platform around healthy eating and your weight loss journey. What made you want to begin this blog?

LLH: I first started my journey on July 1, 2013 when I realized I really needed a change. I started by following Tone It Up, which encouraged sharing your meals and workouts on Instagram as a way to “check in.” I quickly realized I wanted to share more than just my meals and workouts, so I started Lauren Lives Healthy. I created a blog with a few other TIU girls, which didn’t last long, but I loved the process and decided to create my own blog to document my health journey and connect with others going through the same thing.

BL: Where do you find your inspiration to “choose healthy” as you would say, daily?

LLH: Right now, I’m all about listening to my body. I believe your body will tell you what it needs, so I do my best to listen. Feeling good is what inspires me to choose healthier meals, fit in a workout, or focus on me time.

BL: What is the number one thing you want people to take away from your blog?

LLH: I want people to realize they’re not alone and that they have a friend going through the healthy living journey with them.

BL: I know you recently posted about being “so much more than a tone it up girl” I adored this post and how brave it was. What made you want to separate yourself from the pack?

LLH: Thank you so much! I realized that I was branded as a “Tone It Up” girl. Coworkers, friends and family would tell me we couldn’t do something or go somewhere to eat because it wasn’t “Tone It Up approved.” It really bothered me because my life is so much more than TIU. I eat all sorts of things, do my own workouts, and enjoy all sorts of things that aren’t necessarily in the TIU plan. I wanted people to start seeing me as Lauren, not just a TIU girl.

BL: Staying on a healthy track and lifestyle can be hard. Any tips that you find helpful?

LLH: Prioritize yourself every day! I’m a morning person so I ease into the day with a homemade latte or drink, a good breakfast and some quiet time before anyone else wakes up. Find your favorite time of day and take some time to yourself, just to do something you love. It’ll give you time to remember why you’re doing this and think about what your goals are. Also, give yourself a break! We can’t do it all, all the time, so it’s okay to take it easy. Just do the best you can (and listen to your body!), and that’s all that matters.

BL: Do you have any inspiration Quotes you live by?

LLH: It’s not so much a quote, but the idea of listening to your body. I love the idea that your body knows you best and will tell you what you need. It’s what inspires me to healthify my meals, fit in a workout, and prioritize me time. I’m still learning to actually live this way but I know that, if I listen to my body, I’ll feel better, healthier and balanced.

BL: Who is your healthy lifestyle guru or inspiration?

LLH: My first instinct is to say women like Lauren Conrad and Lea Michelle, though my main source of inspiration is friends and girls on Instagram who I’ve connected with over the years that are trying to balance everyday life with healthy workouts and meals. It’s inspiring to see real women who are so open and honest about their journey.

I hope you all enjoyed this interview with Lauren. Take a peek at her blog for inspirational ways to "choose healthy".

Check back tomorrow for a little sneak peek into the brains behind the blog :)




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