Fitgirls Skincare Solution...Fré


I am a picky picky person when it comes to skincare. But I haven't always been like this. I used to buy drugstore brand moisturizers, face masks and cleansers until I figured out ingredients are the key to clear skin. Once I began reading the ingredients in common skincare brands and started workout regularly {woah, sweating daily makes a huge difference in the skincare you use} I knew I needed something a bit more powerful but also free of the junk that gets thrown into drugstore brands. I turned to trusty old Instagram and began searching other wellness/ fitness bloggers feeds for anything specific they used. Even going as far as messaging a few for input.

blissfully lively skincare

Well search halted because I found the brand {I mentioned them in the #fitgirls holiday gift guide} and it's products are life changing. I connected with Fré on Instagram instantly shooting them a message wondering if we could collaborate because I needed to try their stuff. A skincare brand created specifically for ladies who work out? THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF PEOPLE.

Well they sent me a set of their 123 Fré skincare and the rest is history. I'm in love, i'm in love and I don't care who knows it. You guys know that I would never steer you wrong so I took a few weeks to use the product morning and night to get the gist of it before I said a word. But after the third week I knew it was true love and I had to share. Ok, so now what makes Fré so amazing?

Fré Skincare
  1. Fré's main ingredient is Argan {oil, stem cell & leaf water extract} why this is important is because Argan is "the most powerful antioxidant in the plant world" contains tons of Vitamin E {anti-inflammatory} and is used at the "highest possible concentration" which leaves your face so incredibly hydrated. Fré also is free {haha} of parabens, petrolatum, PEG and Propylene Glycol {aka all of the unnatural ingredients found in drugstore brands}
  2. Fré is 100% vegan, hypoallergenic & doesn't use any animal testing! Animal lovers/ vegans rejoice.
  3. Fré is formulated specifically for ladies that work out. An active lifestyle can lead to premature aging and collagen degeneration because of factors such as sun, sweat & high impact workouts. All of these things seemingly harmless on the face if you wear sunscreen and wash you face following a workout but that's where we're wrong, we need to be preventing while we workout.
  4. The 123 Fré skincare set does just this prevents in 3 steps. 1 "Protect Me" a super light spf30 moisturizer, 2 "Purify Me" hydrating facial cleanser with exfoliant beads to hydrate, and balance PH post workout, 3 "Revive Me" {my personal FAV.} an anti-aging serum that "regenerate collagen and skin elasticity".

I have seriously seen a drastic improvement of my face since using the Fré 123 set all together. I cleanse my face the moment I wake up, add some Revive Me serum and complete my morning workout, after showering I then use the cleanser and "Protect Me" moisturizer before I apply my makeup. I recently had my makeup done for a blog photoshoot and my friend was amazed at how smooth my face felt and how perfect the foundation applied. This skincare is so lightweight I couldn't feel any residue post workout and was amazed at how silky soft the serum applied before adding foundation.

I also want to mention that Chris tried Fré with his oily, acne prone skin {sorry babe, love you but I have got to tell it like it is} and has seen a huge improvement in blackheads, oil build up & pimples.

So basically Fré is magic and you all need to snag a set ASAP if you want to prevent wrinkles, sun damage and collagen degeneration...and we all do so do it!