Fake It Until You Make It.


Rye beach The other day I was chatting with a friend about success, and failure (killing it, and struggling) whatever you wish to call it.

And a little something popped into my mind to get her out of the rut she was in...Just fake it until you make it. Seriously.

Your mindset is everything. If you're thinking positive, encouraging yourself, & embracing your struggle it will benefit you in the long run.

Everyone struggles, and has troubles in life but what pushes them forward is (I think) positivity & Hard Work. If you think negative thoughts you will get negative results. If you go through life thinking "woe as me" your life will be filled with the negative.

I know this topic might be a little out of the blue but I thought if my friend is struggling with this, and I have struggled with it, why not write about it in hopes it could help one person who too is stuck in a rut.

No one has ever been successful by sitting on their butt and complaining. lets take this blog as an example. It's hard work to blog. People don't think so but it truly is. You have to find a topic to blog about, take the pictures of that topic, edit them, write up the blog post, edit that, post it, and then link it to all other forms of social media if you really want people to read it. I also have a day job, am in school full time, and somewhere in there need to fit in homework, workouts, spending time with family/friends. Even though that seems like a lot and could be overwhelming I know that if I keep on keeping on, work hard, and stay positive I will succeed.

Granted it's hard to stay positive at all times given good old social media. I mean don't let me fool you guys its so freakin' easy to sit on Instagram and have a pity party...This blogger has 100k followers, and this blogger has the cutest picture, why can't I have that.... My pictures suck, I need a new camera, I need more followers, my content sucks, I should just quit blogging all together, etc.

BUT I don't (most of the time, no ones perfect) because I know that everyone starts somewhere, and the only way to get to having 100k followers, or awesome blog pictures, whatever it may be that you're striving for is to work hard and stay positive!

So to wrap this all up, whenever you start feeling this way, turn it around and think to your self if you were in another persons shoes admiring yourself what would you say?. What would others say that are positive about you? What do others compliment you for, what is you best trait, what makes you happy, etc.

Be mindful of these things, and enjoy your struggle, thrive in it because everyone is right there with you girl!

Live Blissfully!