All The Details on CBD Oil

You guys have been dying to know why I use CBD oil, what the effects are & how to get it! Finally here are all the details you've been waiting for & a little surprise at the end of the post {scroll to the bottom if you're like me & can't wait}

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant {Yes marijuana}. BUT unlike THC which is also found in marijuana, CBD does not produce any psychoactive effects. In layman terms, CBD DOES NOT make you feel high. SO there is nothing to be afraid of when using CBD oil. Take it from the girl who hasn't smoked a day in her life & isn't planning on it...OH also the girl who has never had more than 3 alcoholic drinks because I hate the feeling of being "out of control". {I would tell ya!}

Blissfully Lively CBD Oil
Blissfully Lively CBD Oil

CBD also has the highest medicinal value of the whole Cannabis plant! It's a super powerful plant medicine & we should be hoarding the stuff like gold. I truly feel like in the next few years cannabis for health is going to take over! CBD is the compound that is extracted from the Majijuana plant and turned into an oil just to clarify! Now lets get into what is it used for?

What is CBD Oil Used for?

CBD oil can be used for SO many things! My #1 use for it is insomnia. I have had terrible insomnia since I can remember & it got significantly worse when I started BL full time {so many things to do my brain NEVER shut off}. I would go on 3-4 days in a row with little to NO sleep. It was causing me headaches, irritation & serious eye pain {cause my eyes weren't settling to sleep}. I finally reached out to Chris's Aunt who I knew used CBD oil and asked for a sample. 1 drop on my tongue at night & I drifted slowly off to sleep within 30 minutes. LIFE CHANGING.

Research states that CBD oil can also be used for treating inflammation, pain, anxiety, muscle spasms, skin disorders & more! I haven't tried it yet on my skin but i've heard from a family member that mixing it with cream and using it on sore muscles is INCREDIBLE.

I want to clarify as I have had a few of you ask me this, Hemp oil & Cannabis CBD oil ARE NOT the same thing. Hemp derived CBD is a weaker version of the oil which you may have seen used in food for its calming effects. Here is a recipe for CBD Fat Balls from one of my favorite bloggers The Balanced Blonde using hemp oil. ALSO here are the 'It's Not Pot' CBD Chocolates using help oil, that I recommended to many of you when I started sharing my love for CBD on Insta.

How Do You Take It?

Most CBD oils come in a super small bottle with a little dropper. Why? Because ONE drop goes a long way. You can either drop it under your tongue or into a beverage {sleepy time tea is a great way to start using it}. {This is the recommended dose for CBD oil, not hemp oil. Hemp oil isn't as strong & would take much more than 1 drop to help you fall asleep}.

This being said everyones body reacts differently to the effects. I would start with one small drop and see how it goes. I currently take 2 drops before bed on my tongue when I'm feeling really restless or in need of a sound sleep. & 1 drop for when I want a little help drifting off to sleep. These dosages won't make you feel groggy or in a cloud the next morning like some sleeping medications will, this was my most favorite part about using CBD. I dropped one drop on my tongue, read a few pages of the BL book club book before bed, drifted off to a natural sleep & woke up feeling TRULY rested.

Keep in mind if you for some reason wake up middle of the night, don't use another drop of the oil. One drop is normally good for 8 hrs of sleep. If you're waking up at 3am & then taking another dose & are set to wake up at 6am you're doing to be feeling pretty groggy when the alarm goes off! I learned this the hard way. Instead just up your dosage from 1 drop to 2 drops the following night.

Where Can I Get CBD Oil?

This little oil has become my saving grace for sleeping purposes and since all of you have been asking, I wanted to make it available for you & as easily as possible! I reached out to my supplier and I will now be selling CBD Oil on! Our first trial {to see how interested you guys are} will launch Wednesday March 28th! Mark your calendars & get ready to hop on the website to purchase your BL 'Pure Bliss CBD Oil' at 8am! We haveVERY FEWbottles available as this is the first launch BUT are ready and willing to bring it back if you guys are interested!

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*Disclaimer: Lauren Atwood/Blissfully Lively are not doctors, these opinions are my own from personal use.