Cutting The Cord Meditation


Hi Loves! I AM BACK & writing again. It feels sooo good to have dusted off the blog, switched a few things around, cleaned it up and am rebooted. 

This will be the first of many posts, starting slow here cause uhhh hello one woman, so many things, so little time! It's crazy though how when you set something aside or write it off all together the anxiety and nervousness that comes with treading back into those waters. Bare with me until I find my writing groove again but at least i'm here!

I wanted to share with you all a meditation that I did at the July Night of Bliss & adapted from Gabby Bernstein. I had so many of my Inner Circle ladies commenting on it and wanted an audio recording of it that I decided to make it accessible to everyone. 

Please utilize this meditation as a way to release your past blocks & tensions that are holding you back. Allow yourself to release the young girl inside of you that has encountered stress, anxiety, turmoil, angst, depression, etc. Allow yourself to "cut the cord" carry her with you in your heart & move forward fresh. 

This meditation is meant to be completed as a weekly practice, constantly freeing yourself of self-limiting beliefs, situations, reactions from the past. Refer back to it when you're feeling uneasy! We have to identify the trigger in order to move forward.