Why I Call A "Cheat Meal" An Indulgence & How This Will Better Your Health Journey


I can't stand the term "cheat meal" I know thats a bit crazy but I really can't stand it one bit. Before you even do anything the term already gives off a negative connotation, basically before you pick up one piece of food you have already told yourself you're doing something bad, breaking a promise, falling off track, cracking, ETC! How are you supposed to keep on a positive sustainable health journey when every weekend or specified day of the week you're "falling off the wagon", "Cheating"?? How is your mind not supposed to think this is bad or negative when you call it a "cheat meal"? Which normally turns into peoples "cheat day"!

BL Cheat Meal

I truthfully believe what you say and think alters your life decisions and what you put out into the world is what you will get back. So for instance if you eat clean all week long depriving yourself of any cravings and waiting for you cheat meal/ day and then binge your face off in any sweet, salty, greasy meal on say Sunday then when Monday comes around your mouth is legit salivating and your brain is triggering all of these crazy binge thoughts from yesterdays gross feast. Which you then have to ward off and be miserable for the rest of the week just waiting for your cheat day to come around again and {sadly} you will most likely cheat again throughout that week while waiting for Sunday to come around because who wouldn't want another piece of loaded pizza from Sunday nights binge fest.


So now on to the little fix I have for you all...


Instead refer to it as indulging you're indulging in a christmas cookie after dinner, or splitting a waffle at brunch with all the toppings because you simply want to indulge on the side of your omelette w/ all the veggies. You're allowing yourself a small indulgence daily, you're allowing yourself to "enjoy the pleasure of" a snack or treat every day because as I always say "slow and steady wins the race". If you give in to your cravings in small manageable ways you are more likely to continue on a healthy track, than binging your weekends away only to "have to" get back on your healthy eating schedule on Monday.

You are treating your healthy eating as a lifestyle as a way of nourishing your body with the best nutrients and foods possible because you think it is best for yourself not because you have to in order to have a cheat meal! Everything in moderation is always better than a binge meal or day! Try flipping this thought in your brain and working on more moderation and let me know how it goes!




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