BL's Most Played Songs of 2016


I can't count how many times I have people asking me for the songs that I play while writing, promoting a blog post on Instagram stories, or playing in the background of Instagram Live's. SO I thought why not put them all together into a spotify playlist of BL's top songs of 2016! Blissfully Lively 2016 Songs

I love a good playlist for working out, motivating me to get creative while blogging, or even just keeping me company while I create recipes for you guys! I mean we all have a specific song that resonates with us or reminds us of a certain time in our lives, music is crazy powerful. It is the gateway to memories! It can alter any mood I am in, lifting me up if i'm in need of some crazy singing and dancing {and I'm always in the mood for crazy singing and dancing!}, or calm me down when feeling worked up!

I have recently been into songs that don't have lyrics, so instrumentals I think? While blogging it's hard to hear the lyrics and type so i've recently been jamming out to these tunes. Petite Biscuit's "Sunset Lover" has really turned me on to instrumentals! I also have heard Bossanova is so easy to listen to and gives you island vibes at times! ALWAYS down for Island vibes so I will have to give their songs a listen.

Ok, without further a do I give you...

Blissfully Lively's Most Played Songs of 2016

I hope you guys love the songs! Follow me on Spotify at lbartlett1212.




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