Blissfully Lively Weekly Dinner Menu


Oh my goodness I have been working on these PDF's for so long that I can't even believe they are done {I thought they would never look right}! When I say I am not a graphic designer I WHOLE HEARTEDLY MEAN THAT! Holy smokes it's so time consuming when you don't know what you're doing. So shout out to any graphic designers you're killing it! I hope you all are excited for todays post because I sure know I am excited to launch this new blog section for you guys. So this is the BL Weekly Dinner menu section where every Sunday at 7am EST I will update the menu PDF's to read new dinner recipes that you can choose from for the week.

Starting out I only created 3 recipes because I felt like 5 was overboard, and people don't normally cook dinner every night because some nights they eat leftovers! So every week there will be two different PDF's one called "the Menu"which is a PDF outlining the 3 recipes for the week and their ingredients. I created this one specifically for people to print off and take with them to the grocery store so they can check the items for the 3 dinners off their list. The second PDF is "the directions" or the step by step process you will take to create said recipe. This was created to as well print off and keep in a binder, or back of a cook book you use!

My goal with these PDF's is to update them weekly giving you guys 3 different recipes for every week allowing you to build up your healthy dinner recipes and have many options to choose from on any given night. My hope one day is that this will turn into a full fledged cookbook but i'm leaving that in the goals category for now :).

Let me know what you guys think! {If you click on the PDF it will bring you to a separate screen to print from}. Print these guys off and stash away in a binder, cookbook or car so you don't forget to bring them to the grocery store with you {like I always do}!

Happy cooking!

Click here to print off the first PDF :)

Click here to download 2nd PDF :)