Ten Things About Me, The Girl Behind Blissfully Lively


As I told you guys in the Wellness Spotlight post this past weekend I was checkin' out the blog analytics and realized the About Me page is the most viewed of 2016 month to month.

So I took that as you guys want to learn a bit more about the girl behind the blog.

BL About me

I don't normally share a ton about my personal background etc. on social media because I feel kinda weird. I don't want people to get the wrong impression thinking I'm whining, bragging, really just judge me at all but in order to create a BL community you guys need to know about me too right?

I've always personally disliked those long sob story posts about peoples past etc because I feel that it dwells too much on the negative and i'm all about that positivity! SO...i'm going to hit you guys with 10 facts about me, keep it short and sweet and see how you like it.

Blissfully Lively About Me


I want to know a bit more about each of you that read! I would love if you would leave 1 fact about yourself in the comments below. It can be where you're from, what your favorite workout is, favorite food, anything! I'm all ears.

10 Facts About Me

BL About Me Interview

  1. I weighed 1 lb 3 oz. when I was born: YES you read that right 1 lb. so basically the size/ weight of a carton of butter, 1 baseball, 1 can of beans. I was born 3 months premature and my mother was told I would be blind/ partially deaf, have learning deficits, etc. I forget this part of my story because it's just my life, it isn't truly something I lived through and remember, it's just me. So needless to say I'm super lucky I survived and have no mental, or physical disabilities!
  2. I am a self proclaimed foodie: I know this one is a bit boring compared to the first one but you guys I am a 118 lb 5'1 food shoveling, sweets loving lady. Chris' nick name for me no joke is chunk {it's all out of love}.

Blissfully Lively About Me Info Interview

3. I went to college to be an Elementary School Teacher: I have always loved little kids and watching them learn & grasp new concepts is like nothing else. I ended up not going on to get my masters in teaching and switched career paths a bit but am so happy because this led me to blogging and nutrition coaching. Still using my teaching skills but just in a different way.

4. I am INCREDIBLY emotional: Like crying at commercials on tv emotional. I cry at the drop of a hat and more often than not take things way too seriously! Chris and I's friends got married this past fall and I was sobbing before she even walked down the aisle. I always worry how in the hell am I going to be able to keep it together on our wedding day? LOL

5. I love outdoor adventure: Skiing, Hiking, Waterskiing, swimming, zip lining, sky diving are just a few of my favs. I'm super into thrilling outdoor adventure and can't wait to go skydiving again, you guys it's life changing!

6. I live in NH & ADORE the Beach: I was born and raised here, went to college here and then Chris and I bought a house here. We're definitely Northeast people to our core. We live 40 minutes from the ocean {my most favorite place on earth}, mountains and lakes. Super sweet set up if you love outdoor adventure!

BL About Me Beach Interview

7. I have an aversion to mushrooms/ coffee: I can't even smell mushrooms or they make me gag, texture, smell everything, so you will never see a blog recipe with mushrooms! Interestingly I think I'm allergic to coffee or really caffeine in general. I used to make coffee hot chocolate mixes in high school and had to stop because I would shake, my heart would race, feel sick, overheat & have serious stomach pains when drinking coffee. So i've stayed far away since!

8. I love country music: Chris and I are country music junkies. We attend around 5-8 country concerts a summer and would legit move to Nashville if we didn't love NH so much... {you never know😊}. We already have 4 concerts lined up for this summer and it's only February!

9. I have an addiction to having my nails painted: I know this one is fricken weird but I'm one of those people that you will never see with bare finger nails. I have to have them painted at all times and if they aren't you should check in with me on my well being! LOL but really. I'm a bit OCD about it I even bought my own gel kit so I could do them at home!

Blissfully Lively Ten Things About Me Interview

10. I was a gymnast growing up: People always ask how I can incorporate hand stands etc. into my workouts or how I am so flexible in yoga...Secrets out, I did gymnastics growing up for about 8 years until I stopped competing at age 12. The strength that it takes to be able to climb up rope, hold yourself in hand stands, complete inversions, flip yourself upside down and whip your body completely around to complete an aerial is no joke! I would argue gymnasts are one of if not the strongest athlete there is.

This was so weird posting 7 photos of myself in one blog post but hey, every single one of these photos represents me so well! I'm a down to earth sweets loving, movement obsessed adventure seeker on a mission to help women become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves!

Tell me a little about you!

✌🏻 Peace out, Live blissfully!




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