The Bliss Cards

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Photo: @Micayla Jean Photography

If you've seen or been given a bliss card you know the incredible impact it's had on you! A stranger, handing you a card that lit you up and changed your whole vibe.

The connection felt was interesting and probably a bit surprising given our culture of heads looking down at our phones any second we can get & genuine communication with a stranger far and few between these days.


I began handing out these little cards with different positive affirmations as a way to rewrite the negative emotions and energy that I felt was lurking during the most recent presidential election. 

The election really woke me up to the great deal of people who were hurting, and instead of talking about it until I was blue in the face, I wanted to take action. I wanted to remind anyone going through feelings of anger, sadness, loss, insecurity {the list could go on} that they aren't alone, that today is a new day & that if nothing else one loving stranger cares about them.

I wanted to spread B L I S S & change our world one kind gesture at a time.

I wanted to bring back the age old rule of "treat others the way you want to be treated". Hold the door for someone, pay for the person behind you's coffee, compliment someone. BE THE LIGHT.

As I was giving these cards out I began to realize the ripple effect they were creating. I was giving them & feeling a sense of joy & contentment. The person receiving them was then feeling the love which would in turn raise their energy & make them happier, more joyful, etc. which would hopefully continue on to anyone they came in contact with, and so on & so on & so on.

This incredible impact rang true time and time again which changed the trajectory of BL all together. I began seeing the impact giving to others has on us & made this an integral part of  all BL Programs & Products. Donating percentages of sales, events or even making it mandatory to GIVE for the first step to The Inner Circle program


If you are reading this because you have received one...HI love, welcome to the family! & if you're feeling moved to learn more about how you can be involved...Check out more info here!

I love you all!