BL Workout Outline & How to Structure Your Workout


The day has finally come where BL adds some fitness specific content. I feel like this post has been a long time coming, and I am so excited to finally start creating more fitness content for you guys. I have put fitness specific posts towards the back burner for the past few months because I wanted to lay a solid foundation before I started throwing workout posts up and all of you were like "who's this girl?". BL Workout outline

I wanted you all to know what I stand for, what workouts I personally do, my background & what I think will be the most effective given your goals. Which is why before I treaded too deep into any fitness content I released all 3 of the BL Wellness philosophies, Fitness, Nutrition, & Mindfulness. The wellness philosophy gives you an overview of what the pieces I think are to create a happy & healthy life {fitness, nutrition & mindfulness} then each one is broken down into their own post explaining why each of these if added into your daily routine will make you the happiest & healthiest version of yourself. So give those a quick read if you're new to the blog.


 I have been asked so many times "when are you going to post fitness content, you're so inspiring", "how do you do that move" or my favorite straight and to the point "post more workouts". So I'm sorry that I have been holding out, and hoarding the goods from you all but trust me it's worth the wait.  While away from posting workouts I have been planning how to release this to you guys and now It's more of a concise thought out format that will be easier for you guys to utilize.

One of my biggest problems with workout programs these days is that they give you the workouts preprogrammed but don't explain proper form, or show you how to structure your own workout incase you didn't like {can't do, don't feel comfortable completing} any of the moves they gave you. I want to change the thought process of purchasing a workout dvd, booklet, etc. from "the experts" and start giving you the tools and motivation to program your own with what works best for you, because honestly YOU are the expert of your body!

Workout Outline

So starting today I am going to break down my workouts for you all in laymen's terms, giving you the basic movement patterns all workouts should be structured around and your workout outline. This post is going to go a bit in-depth but I will always summarize so you aren't feeling like what in the hell is this chick talking about.

I understand how it feels to be frustrated and not understand the scientific body movements some crazy trainer is telling you to do so here I will definitely break it down for you ...stick with me!

Lets get right to it...

Your workouts should always be structured around full body multi-joint exercises because they force you to use more muscles to not only complete the exercise but to also stabilize your body. Some multi-joint movements are push ups, squats, and deadlifts. A pushup is a multi-joint movement because it works your chest & shoulders as well as your lats & upper back muscles not to mention you are stabilizing your body in a plank position to complete the move which engages your core.

BL Push Up

The opposite of this would be a single-joint exercise such as a tricep extension which also works the lats just like a push-up but engages only the lats and doesn't use any other muscles to complete this exercise. Basically a push up {multi-joint exercise} is more bang for your buck than a {single-joint exercise} tricep extension. This being said a tricep extension isn't a bad exercise it just isn't as beneficial.

So now you're wondering why are multi-joint exercises important? Because when programming your workout you want to include multi-joint exercises in the 6 basic movement patterns. These basic movement patterns are

  1. Squat
  2. Hinge
  3. Pull
  4. Push
  5. Carry/ Lunge
  6. Core

Side note: I know this can seem overwhelming but I wanted to give you all the info before just handing you the workout plan. Stick with me and I will explain the 6 basic movement patterns in the next post.

Creating Your Workout Plan

There are many ways to program a workout given your goals but this is what I have found is most simple and effective.

  1. Find 3 nonconsecutive days per week allowing yourself rest days in between such as {Monday, Wednesday, Friday} or {Wednesday, Friday, Sunday} etc. that work best for you and most important be consistent with it!
  2. Make sure you always complete a warm up prior to working out this allows your muscles and joints to loosen and become ready for the stress you are going to put them under.
  3. Group exercises in 2 clumps of 3 {which I will show you below} perform exercises A, B, C rest and repeat 3 times. Rest. THEN complete exercises D, E, F rest and repeat 3 times.
  4. Finally finish with a "conditioning finisher" such as sprints burpees, jump rope, anything that gets your heart rate up.
  5. Foam roll/ stretch after your workout.

You can use this workout outline/ format to put together a workout that works best for you. I have added in the structure that I think is the most effective and you can change out the exercises to meet your needs. Next week I will go more in depth into examples of the 6 basic movement patterns {Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat, Lunge, Core and Carry} so you can begin to see which moves you like and how you want to lay them out in your plan. I will also be adding an exercise library to the blog where you can search all Hinge moves or all Push moves and it will bring up a list with photos and proper form associated!

*** NOTE: This Workout Plan is meant to be brought with you to a gym and completed using free weights, barbells, and other gym equipment.

 You can download the outline Here

I hope you all learned one tidbit from the outline about creating a workout that works best for you and will come back to the blog next Wednesday to learn more about the 6 basic movement patterns and exercise examples to input into the workout outline!