BL HIIT Workout


Hi ladies! First off, Happy International Women's Day! You all are so kick ass, beautiful {inside & out}, motivating, and inspiring. Thank you for being uniquely you and putting out such greatness into this world. Don't ever let anyones words or actions make you forget on to this HIIT workout so you can crush it today and feel even more badass than you already do. I put together a quick little high intensity circuit because you ladies loved the HIIT circuit last week so much. This time I   only have 1 circuit that you can complete 4-5 times instead of 2 circuits. I know you guys like the workouts short and sweet so this one is just that.

BL HIIT Workout

It can be completed in your home {if you have dumbbells}, or my fav. at the gym. Always remember to warm up for 5-10 minutes of jump rope of something to get your heart rate up, and a bit of movement or light stretching before hand. Finish it all off with some foam rolling & stretching as well!

*Chris makes a guest appearance in this video, we have been working out together recently so you will be seeing his handsome face in videos more often!

BL HIIT Workout

Circuit 1 x4 or x5

  • 10 box jumps
  • 10 over head presses {20 lbs}
  • 8-10 single leg deadlifts {20 lbs}
  • 10 ring fall outs {hold in plank position slowly lowering yourself out tightening your core, doesn't need to be a large movement, also do not bow your back, keep in tight plank position the whole time}
  • 30 sec. jump rope, 10 sec off Repeat 3x