Banana Cream Superfood Popsicles


I have been on a sweets kick lately! Honestly I know I always say this but once you let you guard down and start eating all the things, you body craves alllll the things. My family came into town for the wedding and we were honestly just indulging. They were on vacation and I was stressed out so it resulted in eating all the sweets, ice cream etc. SO I decided to cut myself off to only homemade sweets. Which means I can share the recipe with you guys and create something low i ingredients, fake sugar FREE and actually delicious.

I have always loved banana popsicles and I knew I wanted to incorporate some super foods to this recipe so we've got a coconut cream based banana dark chocolate popsicle topped with toasted coconutssss. The bomb...Enjoy babes! Share on Insta using #BLmealprep <3

BL Banana Superfood Popsicles
BL Banana Superfood Popsicles