Ask Lauren: Instagram Q&A Part One

Hey babes! I posted on Instagram asking for what questions you had for me and combined those with some frequently asked questions that I get all the time. 

Q: Did you know from the beginning that you and your husband were made for each other?

Yes! Even though I was young {I was 16 when we met} I knew there was something different about him. He actually cared about me and cared about my life. I think when you are in that space to allow someone to come into your life, the person you're meant to find will find you. You can't just wish for it you need to actually work on yourself. But I did know he was the one the moment I met him. However, I actually blew him off for our first date... he'll never let me live that down. Just got to keep him on his toes, you know? ;)

Q: What’s your morning routine from the moment you wake up?

I wake up with my sunrise alarm clock around 6 or 6:30. Chris is already awake making his BL smoothie, so the blender machine usually wakes me up before my alarm. Once I'm awake, I go straight to the bathroom and wash my face. Then I drink a full glass of water and mix up 1/2 glass of water with Emergence-C {for extra vitamins & minerals during the winter time} and take my vitamin D3. I brew my chai tea and make my bulletproof tea and then I give Chris a kiss goodbye because he leaves for work super early.

Then I walk over to my meditation area and turn on my meditation music {come back mid-March for a full post on how to create your mindful morning routine!} and I turn on my essential oil diffuser. I do 15-20 minutes of meditation/visualization and then I use my BL mindfulness template. I do 5-10 minutes of journaling and then do a little bit of yoga/stretching, literally like 2 minutes just a couple rounds of a flow to get my muscles awake and warmed up for the day. Then I start work! I don't get ready until later because perks of working from home, right?

Q: What was your personal journey to wellness?

I was always on sports teams growing up, but never really knew what healthy eating was. My mom would cook pretty healthy meals, but I had no idea that dietary intake had anything to do with how you feel. So I go to college after high school, and I was done being on sports teams. I found myself working a lot because I supported myself all throughout college and I was just getting by- literally eating pasta for every dinner and living off of bars. One day I just felt so terrible and knew something needed to change so that's when I started doing Kayla Itsines' BBG and started blogging. I started sharing my journey and with that I realized that there was a whole world of other workouts and wellness and nutrition. I didn't love Kayla Itsines' program and I just kind of slowly began implementing other things. I was Googling everything to learn as much as I could, and this was also around the same time Chris was getting his strength & conditioning certification. Chris was also on college sports teams so that made it easier to care for myself more.

My journey began with realizing I was unhappy and had a poor quality of life and what could I do to change? It started with quitting jobs where I was treated poorly, moving more, and being aware of my protein intake & snacking. The first thing I did nutrition-wise was clean out my snacks. I completely stopped snacking, no more chips/pretzels/bars. Then I started thinking about whole sources of protein, did I have protein at every meal? I was already good about including vegetables, so I was focusing mainly on my protein intake. The most important thing to stress here is education is everything. Do your research and find what works best for you, because what works for me might not work for you.

Q: If I want to change one thing, what’s the first thing I should change?

It's a little out of the box, but I truly think it's your relationship with yourself. I know I said in the last question that quitting my jobs was one of the first things I did on my journey to wellness. I was being worked into the ground by jobs where I couldn't stand up for myself and it was really negatively impacting my life. Stop allowing other people to dictate your life and start to work on creating a relationship with yourself.

Q: What do you use for dry shampoo?

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, hands down the most life changing dry shampoo. Instead of just covering up oil and giving you gross residue it actually absorbs oil in your hair. There's no white crusty residue like you get with other dry shampoos. It is 100% worth the splurge. Your hair actually feels clean after & it smells amazing. Seriously try it, you won't regret it!

Q: What mascaras do you use?

They're Real by Benefit and Perversion by Urban Decay. You can get them both at Ulta and they're both incredible. You put one coat of They're Real on first and then do two coats of Perversion. And no I don't have eyelash extensions!

Q: What’s CBD oil and where do you get it?

CBD oil is a compound from the marijuana plant. It's the compound that gives you chill & calming effects {whereas THC, the other compound in marijuana, is psychoactive and gives you the high effects}. CBD has calming effects and can be used for stress relief, anxiety, headaches/migraines, and insomnia {which is what I use it for}. Coming very soon we're going to be selling BL CBD oil on the website so stay tuned!

Q: Where do you get workout clothes?

Mostly from Fabletics. Although is a membership, you can skip a month at any time. Their quality is amazing and their style is super cute. If you don't want to sign up for a membership my go-to is always TJ Maxx because it's affordable and has super cute stuff.

Q: Where do you get your hair done?

Leah Berger at Siren Salon in Portsmouth, NH.

Q: What does your workout routine look like?

Tuesdays and Thursdays I start my mornings with yoga. Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are usually strength training which can be a variety of different workouts. But it is basically whole body strength {follow along on Instagram @BlissfullyLively to see more in my stories!}. Sundays and Mondays I usually take off to rest. I recommend trying out a lot of different options. I've been working out on my own for six years now and I am just figuring out the process that I like the best and that works best for me. I've tried barre, BBG, hot yoga, cycling, and I found strengthening my muscles and stretching to calm my mind to be my most favorite.

Q: What do you have in your meditation corner?

Plants {which are incredible for filtering the air and giving you a good vibe}, an essential oil diffuser, succulents, a cozy rug & pillow, BL affirmation cards and my set up is along a wall because if I'm feeling tired I'll start to hunch which hurts my back so I'll just scoot my pillow back so I'm leaning against the wall!

Q: What are all the plants in your house and how do you care for them?

My most favorite is the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. These are super temperamental but they can found at your local greenhouse, they even sometimes have them at Home Depot. The way you care for them is the trusted, tried way that I do- when the leaves start to droop you run the shower over it because the actual leaves like water. I dump like 4 cups of water in the soil and let the water run on the leaves. Then I let it hang out in the tub to drain and I just dry the leaves off with a paper towel.

Bird of Paradise Tree - this one you water when you stick a pencil into the soil and it comes up fully dry {usually every week and a half or so} and I usually do 2 cups of water.

The most finicky to care for, and I've really learned to listen to the people at the greenhouse, are succulents. When they say they need a lot of sunlight, they really need it. I've tried twice to put a succulent in a place where there's not a ton of sun and killed it. They need to be near a window with the shade closed, but also not in direct sunlight because that will also kill it. But the bright side is that you only need to water them every 2-3 weeks.

For even more answers to your most frequently asked questions about lifestyle, marriage & healthy eating, check out this video!


As always, feel free to reach out through Instagram or email with any other questions that weren't answered in this post! <3