How to Balance A Social Life & Personal Health in Your 20's

Binge drinking, bar hopping & late night greasy snacks are the status quo when it comes to socializing in your 20's.

While this isn't my style of having fun on a weekend I know so many people love to socialize out at bars with friends. The reality of this though is some take it to a whole other level,  getting wild until 2am only to wake up the next morning and realize they drank all their calories away and have a faint memory of binge eating a few too many midnight snacks.

BL Balance in your twenties

In this post i'm not talking to the people who love to have a drink or two on Saturday night and socialize with their friends {though you too could find these tips helpful}, but I am talking to the people who feel like they can't rip themselves away from the binge culture that once was college and adjust to a more balanced social life that takes their health into account.

*SIDE NOTE: i'm also not saying the binge culture in college is ok, but that's just a topic for a WHOLE other blog post!

BL Balance in your 20's

Being social, how you're perceived, temptation and serious cases of FOMO are all things that hold people back from creating boundaries with alcohol. And i'm here to let you know we all feel these things from time to time, but putting your health and happiness first should always be the goal.

Bl Balance and social culture

Keeping in mind that this can be incredibly hard I thought why not give people a few tips on how to still socialize, create those fun experiences with friends, and enjoy a drink or two but also keep your health as a top priority with a little balance.

Lets get down to business...


Tips to balance a social life & your health in your 20's

  1. Practice self reflection: Is this something that I want to do? Is this something I'm doing because I care about what others think of me? Is this extra drink {handful of chips, night out} really worth it? It's so easy to get caught up in doing what other people do because of subconscious peer pressure but if it isn't serving you why do it? Before you say yes to anything regarding weekend socializing try to take a beat and really think if this is something you want or need in your life.
  2. Be ok with saying NO: This one goes hand in hand with the first tip. But when we practice more self reflection there are going to be times when we have to say no, or when we want to say no. This can be to another drink at the bar or to another night of going out with friends all together. You have to come to terms with the fact that people may feel let down by you not meeting their expectations, but that is 100% not YOUR problem. YOU DO YOU!
  3. Think about how you would like to be spending your money?: This one is difficult but so necessary to think about. Going out with friends leads to TONS of money spent. The question is how would you like to be spending your money, and only you can answer this. Uber's to and from the bar, 5 dollar beers & late night food adds up, and is this serving you? OR Saturday morning yoga class with your besties, whole food grocery runs & stocking up on drinks at the liquor store for a get together with friends at home? These are all questions we need to think about.
  4. Mix in a water & a workout: Going out with friends sometimes leads to peer pressure which means one {or two} drinks too many which can leave you feeling bloated, dehydrated, etc! When you do go out with friends try to mix in a water for every drink you have. This might sound annoying as you are at the bar but this can also be done the moment you get home, if you have 3 drinks chug 3 glasses or water before you head to bed. Another great way of creating some balance is heading to the gym the morning after for a little cardio to sweat out some of those toxins.


BL balance

The feelings of peer pressure and balancing our health while also continuing a social life in our 20's is so hard! I totally understand this struggle and I hope a few of this tips can help you guys get on a more mindful track!

If you want more of a personalized plan or help balancing send me an email!



How to Start Meal Prepping & Stick with It

As you guys know meal prepping is my jam. I mean hello I started a whole business based around it, but truthfully, it can be a bit daunting every Sunday to plan out your meals, prepare, & store them. I crafted up this post to help you newbie "meal preppers" get a handle on how to start and stick with preparing healthy choices every week.

Meal Prepping BL

How to Start Meal Prepping & Stick with it

1.Make it an experience: We all know the Sunday morning grocery trip when everyone and their mother is at the grocery store is no bueno! So it's time to switch it up! If possible make your shopping more of an experience than a boring thing that needs to be checked off the to-do list. I have started shopping for all of my produce at a local farmers market and I love it. Just stepping inside the market lights me up. I love the smell of fresh cut flowers, vibrant produce that hasn't been previously frozen & the homey feel.

Blissfully Lively Fresh Flowers Meal Prepping

{I wish you guys could smell these...PHENOMENAL}

Another amazing idea is a crop share. Check out local farms in your area to see if they offer this service. You can get fresh eggs, fruits & veggies per week throughout picking season. This also allows you some awesome variety in your produce selection, where as if you grabbed it from the grocery store you might just pick the same old same old broccoli. Options are endless and working with random ingredients could spice up your weekly prepping.

Meal Prepping Tips

2. Start small: Just start by prepping your snacks, or maybe 1 dinner out. Going full fledged meal prep of every single meal can be so overwhelming. Pick one thing like all of your snacks for the week, portion them out into glass tupperware and set that aside. Once your feel comfortable doing that move on to adding in 1 meal for you or your family per week. Eventually preparing healthy options will become second nature.

Every week I prep all of our veggies so I chop up some cucumbers, red pepper & carrots with a bit of hummus for a quick & easy grab and go snack. It's a double win if I'm already prepping a salad for the week so I already have all of those ingredients & utensils out!

BL Meal Prepping Farmers Market Bananas

3. Lists should be your go to: For anyone who is just starting out meal prepping lists should be your best friend. Snap a screenshot of your favorite Pinterest recipe, write down the ingredients on a digital or hand written list. There is nothing worse than walking into the grocery store unprepared & heading straight to the processed foods sections because you feel flustered.

Meal Prepping Tips BL

4. Make it Engaging: chopping up ingredients, and spending an hour or so in the kitchen can feel a bit boring, I love to make it engaging by listening to some of my favorite podcasts, or turning on a new Spotify playlist and jamming out. A few of my favorite podcasts are The Garyvee Show, Almost 30 & of course my own, Honestly Uncensored. Also BL has a Spotify playlist of some perfect hits to listen too while prepping away.

5. Do it w/ a friend or spouse: I love to head to the farmers market with a friend one day per week, make it a little girls date grab a coffee before hand and spend time with your bestie. Also another option to help you pass the time is a trade off. One of you cooks while one of you chops to get it done faster. I have clients who the husband chops up the veggies and the wife cooks up the dinners, fast and efficient! Love it. Tag teaming is always the way to go if possible.

Farmers Market Meal Prepping BL

Famers Market Meal Prepping Tips BL

6. Prep meals you are interested in: Start a Pinterest board of recipes to feel inspired by cooking up new delicious meals. If you are always preparing the same old same old, prepping the meal is going to be just as boring as eating them. Take a peek a the BL recipes tab to get your mouth watering!

Meal prepping 101

7. Do it all on one day... or break it up: To each his own! I love banging it all out in 2 hours on Sunday but some people may prefer prepping up 1 meal and a few snacks Sunday and then preparing again Wednesday after work! I know a crazy thought, but meal prepping can be cathartic to some {myself included, the repetition and zen-ness of it chills me out}.

I hope these few tips can help you get started on preparing healthier meal options in your own kitchen! Remember above all else try and add a little fun into it whether it be trying a new ingredient, bringing your kids into the mix or turning up the music and jamming out like me.


*Since so many of you asked via Insta my off the shoulder shirt is from & is on sale for $24 right now, & super cute farmers market bag is from Target. Both are linked below!




Feel like you're in need of more than just meal prep tips? Check out my in-home meal prepping service here.

What is Macro Counting & Should You be Doing It?


Oh macro counting, my arch nemesis!

Sorry guys, had to get it right out there. This being said I still want to bring you through what macro counting is, give you a little background and allow you to decide for yourself the best path to take. Here at BL I don't promote macro counting, rather whole foods and balanced {sane} choices that will allow you to achieve your goals whatever they may be. But lets get right to it and explain the ins and outs of macro counting.

What is Macro Counting?

Macro counting is essentially counting the caloric content of your food, primarily carbs, fats & protein so you can gauge how much of each you have had throughout the day allowing you to "stay on track" to reaching your muscle building / weight loss goals. People who count macros {body builders primarily use the method and if you are into body building and are counting with whole foods, count on friends, this post is directed at regular Joes who have taken up macro counting} have a set number of grams of carbs, fat & protein they can eat throughout their day, no more. They break down these numbers into 3 or some 5 meals a day, allowing carbs, fats and proteins to be equally divided into each meal. People who count their macros portion out food, maybe even going as far as weighing it on a scale to calculate the nutritional content to the very decimal.

The Problem

1. Stressful/restrictive and 2. Not all carbs, fat & protein are created equal.

The carbs that you consume from housing Lays chips is not the same as the carbs that you get from eating a serving of quinoa even though the count might be the same. One is a whole food option that will nourish the body and the other, get the point! {a processed oily, bag of junk with no nutrients}.

Simply counting macros doesn't mean your proteins, fats, & carb options are health promoting or nutrient dense. People think because they are counting their macros they can make food choices that are poor quality, low fat, sugar free options because they are less points, such as "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spray instead of real butter, Low cal ice cream sandwiches instead of ice cream, and processed junk because they are meeting their macros, and shaving some numbers off by doing so. BUT

Blissfully Lively Macro Counting

My question is even if you're within your macro totals, and you have shaved off some grams of carbs by having low fat ice cream sandwiches rather than regular {side note they're still ice cream sandwiches, not good for you so why not just eat the regular ones???} are a majority of the foods you are choosing whole unprocessed nutrient dense foods?

If the answer is yes and you are a macro counting genius that just likes to control your numbers but are choosing healthy options then count on my friend, but if the answer is no and you have been meeting your macros with pints of ice cream and chips all the while feeling hungry after every meal...THEN WE HAVE A worries, it can be fixed :).

The Fix

Get real with yourself and ask yourself these questions below to figure out your goals!

  1. Am I looking to get healthier, build muscle, lose fat, what is my goal?
  2. Am I truly nourishing my body with whole real foods?
  3. Does the macro counting cause me stress, tracking every food I eat?
  4. Do I understand my bodies signals of hunger and am I fueling it?

If you are interested in more info, or are wondering how to get off the counting train but don't know what to do next send me an email @ and we can chat options!




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BL Weekly Dinner Menu & Meal Prepping


Happy Sunday, I hope your weekend has been as relaxing and enjoyable as it could possibly be! I whipped up a few dinner recipes for you guys so when you head out to the grocery store today you have a few healthy options to choose from. Going into the grocery store with no plans of what to make for dinner can lead to bad choices {frozen pizza, precooked chicken, & boring old pasta with sauce} so I hope these PDFs are helping you plan out your meals and stick to healthier options. While I was creating this weeks menu I thought about how much meal prepping has saved me time and energy during the week, and since it is a new year and I know a lot of you are trying to get on a healthier track I thought why not give you a little meal prep 101. So below as always there is the Dinner PDF for this week, but also a few tips to meal prepping {what to prep, how, when, how much}. Enjoy!

Download & print off HERE

Download & print off HERE


Meal Prepping 101
  1. Buy & cook in bulk: On a normal week I buy 2 lbs of chicken, 1 bag of carrots, 1 bag of brussel sprouts and 1 carton of eggs {just for hard boiling}. I then cook all these up on a Sunday so I have them on hand for the rest of the week. So now I know throughout the week I have chicken for salads, veggies to add to any recipe & hard boiled eggs if I'm feeling lazy in the morning. I buy in bulk so I know I won't run out of staples throughout the week.
  2. Make it meal staples: When I think about my week ahead {in meals} I know that I will need the necessary nutrients to get me through each day, but when I think about meal prepping I think about what are the necessary nutrient dense foods that take me the longest to make. Think Chicken, eggs, veggies etc. What are the things you want to have on hand to add to or base any meal around but don't want to wait to cook up every night/ meal. Chicken is easy to add to a salad, burrito bowl, sandwich, etc. Roasted veggies you can eat by themselves or add to a rice bowl, salad, on the side with dinner. I also am a huge lover of eggs in the morning because of the nice amount of protein they offer but sometimes and am too lazy to cook them. These are breakfast staples for me and if I already have some hardboiled cooked, I know I will choose healthy over a lame bowl of cereal that doesn't really offer me much in the nutrients department.
  3. Prep it all on one day: I usually make Sunday my prepping day because I don't want to fuss with any prepping throughout the week. Take this last week for example, I prepped on Sunday and then on Wednesday when Chris and I both had crazy schedules we knew there was Chicken all ready for dinner and all we had to do was cook some rice and throw together a quick salad. Meal prepping makes life so much easier!
  4. Start small: I know I said buy in bulk above but if you aren't sure of your schedule one week, or are just starting out meal prepping take one food group and prep all of those ingredients you would want for the week. Example: buy your fruits and veggies for the week. Cut up your fruits and store them in a tupperware and cut and roast your veggies so you know you have those.

Happy meal prepping!



BL Weekly Dinner Menu Crockpot Edition


Hi guys! Happy Holidays! I just wanted to check in real quick from Chris and I's ski trip with my family to give you guys  2 post holiday dinner PDFs that will make this weeks dinners as painless and delicious as possible. I know the last thing we all want to do is cook after the holiday feasts we prepared for family/ friends so I have added 3 dinners that use my favorite time saver, the crockpot! These dinners take under 10 minutes to assemble & are done in 3-6 hrs of cook time while you enjoy a ski day with friends or an afternoon of returning christmas gifts that weren't the right size 😑 {So annoying when you just want to throw on your new threads, I feel you!}. As always enjoy your week and let me know how your dinners come out by tagging me on Instagram @blissfullylively. I love seeing when you guys utilize the recipes & PDFs.

Bl Crockpot dinner ingredients

{Click HERE to download the Ingredients PDF}

BL Crockpot Dinner Directions PDF

{Click HERE to download the Directions PDF}

Below I have added a large & small crockpot and a few of my favorite cookbooks. I currently have the small crockpot & I wish I had bought the larger one so I could make leftovers. The size of the crockpot basically just depends on how much food you can fit into it. I normally can get 4 servings out of whatever I am making in the small crockpot. I added Chrissy Teigen's new cookbook because I have heard amazing things about it, & Taylor Riggs fellow wellness blogger & delicious recipe creators new cookbook "Real Food, Real Simple" I preordered it back in August and it is out for shipment. I can't wait to get it and start cooking up a storm.




These recipes aren't what you're looking for? Take a peek at last weeks BL Dinner Menu.


Why I Call A "Cheat Meal" An Indulgence & How This Will Better Your Health Journey


I can't stand the term "cheat meal" I know thats a bit crazy but I really can't stand it one bit. Before you even do anything the term already gives off a negative connotation, basically before you pick up one piece of food you have already told yourself you're doing something bad, breaking a promise, falling off track, cracking, ETC! How are you supposed to keep on a positive sustainable health journey when every weekend or specified day of the week you're "falling off the wagon", "Cheating"?? How is your mind not supposed to think this is bad or negative when you call it a "cheat meal"? Which normally turns into peoples "cheat day"!

BL Cheat Meal

I truthfully believe what you say and think alters your life decisions and what you put out into the world is what you will get back. So for instance if you eat clean all week long depriving yourself of any cravings and waiting for you cheat meal/ day and then binge your face off in any sweet, salty, greasy meal on say Sunday then when Monday comes around your mouth is legit salivating and your brain is triggering all of these crazy binge thoughts from yesterdays gross feast. Which you then have to ward off and be miserable for the rest of the week just waiting for your cheat day to come around again and {sadly} you will most likely cheat again throughout that week while waiting for Sunday to come around because who wouldn't want another piece of loaded pizza from Sunday nights binge fest.


So now on to the little fix I have for you all...


Instead refer to it as indulging you're indulging in a christmas cookie after dinner, or splitting a waffle at brunch with all the toppings because you simply want to indulge on the side of your omelette w/ all the veggies. You're allowing yourself a small indulgence daily, you're allowing yourself to "enjoy the pleasure of" a snack or treat every day because as I always say "slow and steady wins the race". If you give in to your cravings in small manageable ways you are more likely to continue on a healthy track, than binging your weekends away only to "have to" get back on your healthy eating schedule on Monday.

You are treating your healthy eating as a lifestyle as a way of nourishing your body with the best nutrients and foods possible because you think it is best for yourself not because you have to in order to have a cheat meal! Everything in moderation is always better than a binge meal or day! Try flipping this thought in your brain and working on more moderation and let me know how it goes!




Looking for a little indulgence? Check out the Champagne Cupcake Recipe!




Blissfully Lively Weekly Dinner Menu


Oh my goodness I have been working on these PDF's for so long that I can't even believe they are done {I thought they would never look right}! When I say I am not a graphic designer I WHOLE HEARTEDLY MEAN THAT! Holy smokes it's so time consuming when you don't know what you're doing. So shout out to any graphic designers you're killing it! I hope you all are excited for todays post because I sure know I am excited to launch this new blog section for you guys. So this is the BL Weekly Dinner menu section where every Sunday at 7am EST I will update the menu PDF's to read new dinner recipes that you can choose from for the week.

Starting out I only created 3 recipes because I felt like 5 was overboard, and people don't normally cook dinner every night because some nights they eat leftovers! So every week there will be two different PDF's one called "the Menu"which is a PDF outlining the 3 recipes for the week and their ingredients. I created this one specifically for people to print off and take with them to the grocery store so they can check the items for the 3 dinners off their list. The second PDF is "the directions" or the step by step process you will take to create said recipe. This was created to as well print off and keep in a binder, or back of a cook book you use!

My goal with these PDF's is to update them weekly giving you guys 3 different recipes for every week allowing you to build up your healthy dinner recipes and have many options to choose from on any given night. My hope one day is that this will turn into a full fledged cookbook but i'm leaving that in the goals category for now :).

Let me know what you guys think! {If you click on the PDF it will bring you to a separate screen to print from}. Print these guys off and stash away in a binder, cookbook or car so you don't forget to bring them to the grocery store with you {like I always do}!

Happy cooking!

Click here to print off the first PDF :)

Click here to download 2nd PDF :)



How to Properly Fuel Before & After a Workout


I recently was chatting with one of my friends and she started talking about pre workouts, supplements, aka workout fuel & {if you guys know me you know I don't love supplements so I began tuning this out a bit} I snapped back to reality when I heard her say "Yea he doesn't eat after his workout because he thinks that will burn more calories & make him lose weight". I literally said outloud at a coffee shop for all to hear WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? 😬🙊


BL Workout Fuel

I did not mean that in a mean way by any stretch of the imagination, I was just so blown away that her friend actually thought this that I couldn't control my thoughts! That there are people out there that still think that depriving your body of nutrients, the fuel that it needs to run means that you will lose weight?! After this conversation I knew immediately that I needed to bring this topic to the blog to give you ladies a hopefully helpful rundown on what you should be eating before and after a workout & WHY!

I think the why is important because a lot of websites I check out or {Pinterest, where I know a lot of us ladies go for info} give you the recipes to create but never the why or the knowledge/ info behind explain it.

So here we go.

Before After Workout Fuel

Why Should We Fuel Before/ After a Workout

It is very important to eat a little something 45 minutes to an hour before a workout, why? Because your body needs energy to exert energy. This energy comes from sugar which comes from the foods that you eat. If you don't provide your body with the necessary fuel and decide to workout hungry your body will begin to use your own muscle tissue as fuel, you won't be shedding fat and gaining muscle you will just be eating away at the muscle already there. GROSS. Think of it this way it's like your body is a car. You wouldn't ever try to gun it and drive 90 MPH to work on empty would you? With this being said you also don't need to eat a large meal before working out. A quick little snack of carbs & protein is best {I will give you a few ideas below}.

After a workout is also extremely important to fuel your body up! When you workout you essentially break down your muscles so they can repair and grow stronger, also during this workout you deplete your body of electrolytes, fluid & glycogen {which is basically the energy your body runs off of}. So eating after a workout basically helps repair the muscle tissue and build new tissue! After a workout protein, good fats & carbs are key!

What We Should Be Eating Before/ After A Workout

Before a workout snacks that are high in carbs & protein are what you need such as an apple or banana with almond butter/ PB, yogurt w/ berries, or some PB Protein Energy Bites.

After a workout foods that are high in protein, good fats & carbs are just what you need to refuel. If you workout in the morning a veggie omelet with a side slice of avocado toast is perfect, or my all time favorite Banana Coconut Overnight Oats! Or if you find yourself working out before lunch/ dinner something such as tuna salad on whole wheat bread, or grilled chicken with sweet potatoes works perfectly.



Why Pre-made Shakes Will Never Be as Good as Homemade


We all know them...The infamous shake that will make you lose 5 lbs, become your meal replacement or even AMP you up before a workout. The crazy ass tag lines that people throw on these things with words like "probiotics", "daily vitamins", "protein"! Makes us think that we have to be consuming one of these pre made, store bought {not to mention outrageously expensive} shakes because hello they're the holy grail, the full package...spoiler alert NOPE. When something seems too good to be true, it is. Now don't feel discouraged or down if you have tried these type of shakes, used them, or even replaced meals with them because we only learn by doing! But be thankful you're here now reading up on what you should be eating instead of that store bought "just add water" junk.

BL Shakes

Two words...WHOLE FOODS

Foods that will give you all of your necessary macro and micro nutrients. Foods that include proteins, carbs, veggies & fruits. Foods that will nourish the body straight from the source. Eating whole foods will always be better than a meal replacement whether it's a shake, bar, or other supplement because many of the popular ones contain added sugars, preservatives and other gross shit that you simply don't need.

This being said...of course we don't always have time to prepare or eat whole foods and sometimes we just need something a little more convenient...enter the homemade shake! If you are pinched for time and need to make something quick to take with you out the door a HOMEMADE shake is a great option. This should be made from foods you would normally consume such as peanut butter, greek yogurt, banana, frozen fruit, etc.! You can throw in whatever ingredients you want as long as it's real food. My personal favorites are:

  1. Frozen Berries, a handful or 2 of spinach, a banana, greek yogurt, a splash of OJ and a scoop of protein powder.
  2. Banana, scoop of PB, Ice, Almond/ milk, scoop of protein powder, half avocado, carton of plain greek yogurt.

The goal is to give your body a healthy mix of proteins, carbs & fats to refuel and recover.

At the end of the day, we should begin to look at shakes as a snack between meals when we're on the go to keep our bodies running, but they should never take the place of a whole meal! If you have the choice always choose real foods in their whole form over shakes!



-- In need of more nutrition info? Stick around & take a peek at the Blissfully Lively Nutrition Philosophy.

Thanksgiving Cravings & Portion Control




Ok honesty trumps all right now and I have to get something out there. I have a problem with portion control when it comes to holiday food. I always take way too much food because of the excitement to eat fresh carved turkey, fluffy mashed potatoes and douse it all in gravy. But sadly I end up eating way too much and feeling so sluggish and gross after. I'm sure others can relate. I WANT ALL THE HOLIDAY FOOD AND I WANT IT NOW.

But this year i'm on a mission to control myself, and I decided to write this post because I know others struggle with this and need a little kick in the ass to get it the hell together during the holiday season. Here are a few of my tips to only eating until you feel satisfied, but still enjoying grandmas homemade chocolate chip cookies!

  1. Try to limit the alcohol: Alcohol contains so many empty calories & so much sugar that you could be instead getting from grandmas cookies and not having the embarrassing "oh shit what did I say to Aunt June last night" moment in the morning.
  2. Drink more water: Water will fill you up not allowing you to feel like there's more room to stuff food in and hydrate's a win win.
  3. Rule of thirds: 2/3 of your plate should be filled with veggies and starch 1/3 with meat. Take a smaller amount than you think necessary, YOU CAN ALWAYS COME BACK FOR SECONDS, which you won't need to cause your eyes at this point are way bigger than your stomach.
  4. If you want it, have moderation: If you want a slice of grandmas pie, but also want a cookie, cut the cookie in half, and cut the slice of pie in half. Indulge in both BUT THAT IS IT! Now pick back up the water and keep drinking.
  5. Don't stress: Thanksgiving or holidays in general are supposed to be a time of celebration with loved ones. Try and stick to everything in moderation but if you over indulge a bit it's ok...It's once a year...keep it all in perspective.

I hope these tips help you guys to have a delicious, happy and Thanksgiving with loved ones! Come back tomorrow for my all time favorite indulgence Vanilla Chai Cheesecake Pie!





Tips for handling the grocery store like a boss & a PDF just for you


BL Grocery Store List The grocery store can be a bit of a daunting place when you're trying to stick to eating healthy. Important (I don't say diet) because eating healthy is a lifestyle not a fad or a diet that you stick to for a week and fall off because it's unattainable. This is a change in lifestyle.

Because this change can come with questions, experimenting, and finding new favorite foods I thought why not create a list of my go to grocery store staples for a week of healthy eating and let it be up for grabs for anyone figuring this whole healthy lifestyle thing out. Anyone thinking hold the phone now what do I do with all these ingredients? Don't worry a weeks worth of healthy recipes will be coming in a PDF soon too!

My grocery store list is in PDF form to make it easier for you to download, check off and carry with you to the store (or pull up on your iPhone will browsing the groc.). I have added all of my refrigerator staples, pantry staples, proteins, fruits/ veggie selections and even condiments to try and help keep those cravings at bay.

My number one grocery store tip that I'm sure you've heard before is:


Work the perimeter of the grocery store to grab all of your healthy eating staples. Now there are a few exceptions to this rule including:

  • Rice/ beans
  • Chicken/ Beef stock
  • Tea
  • Blue corn tortilla chips (sometimes you gotta make a taco bowl)
  • Granola/ wholegrain cereal

Other than that I stay far away from the tempting middle aisles that house the goldfish, chips, sugary drinks, etc! Because they're salty/ sugary, filled with too many empty carbs with no real nutrients and can ruin any healthy progress made. Fruits, veggies, proteins, and small amounts of grains are where it's at!

Trust me once you cut out the crap (candy, processed sugar, energy/ sugary drinks, chips, sugary cereal, bagels with heaps of cream cheese etc.) (just to name a few) your body won't crave it. Stay hydrated and fill up on real food and your body will LOVE YOU.

The items on this grocery list are all included because they're what I buy the most of, and what I think help create the healthiest meals. As you can see I didn't add steak to the proteins section because I don't buy it often. Not to say that it isn't a good protein, I just personally prefer meats lower in fat such as ground turkey or chicken, but this being said I definitely do eat steak just much more rarely than say chicken.

This is my ideal list. The list that I go in to the grocery store with for a weeks worth of healthy meals, but what I come out with might be different from time to time. Hello I am human and cravings sometimes get the  best of me just like I'm sure sometimes they get the best of you too. This is why I believe in a healthy balanced lifestyle. Not a system that has you drinking crazy shakes for meals and cutting out all carbs. It's ok to indulge every once in a while it's bound to happen but it just needs to be under control. You can have a small piece of dark chocolate after dinner even nightly if that helps you keep the cravings at bay. BUT! keep it to one piece a night or don't buy it at all.

I want to close this post by saying eating healthy is a process and takes time! The hardest part can be taking that first step {out of the middle aisles :) } but you will immediately feel the difference that healthy whole foods makes on your body. It is worth it. Trust me just stick with it.

Slip ups are also bound to happen so be conscious of this put down the donut and start right back where you were before you made the slip!

 It's just about BALANCE and eating WHOLE FOODS if you stick to this rule you will be golden.

BL Grocery Store PDF list

Blissfully Lively Grocery PDF List (Click this link and it will bring you to the printable PDF)

Keep an eye out for Blissfully Lively Healthy Meals PDF coming to the blog soon! I hope you enjoy this printable and if you end up using it please send me an email or find me through Instagram I love connecting with people that read and utilize the blog! It makes me so happy!



My Fav. Ways to Burn 100 Calories with Chobani


chobani 100 calorie Who doesn't love a tasty treat every now and then?...I know I do! but lately (the last month or so) i've been eating a few too many treats, and slacking on my daily workouts which = not feeling so great. The cause for my missing workouts is always time management issues! Being a working gal and going to school at night sometimes results in 12 hour days and the last thing I want to do is workout on a day like that!

Truthfully though getting a good sweat in would definitely make me feel 100 times better

So now that I have acknowledged this lapse in judgement (we all do it) and am back on track to being the happiest and healthiest version of myself, I have decided to dedicate 30-40 minutes a night to exercising in whatever way I am feeling. Some days that may mean yoga, other nights that may mean strength training, but whatever it is it gets my body moving and burning those calories. I know some may think it is impossible with their schedule but truthfully whatever you're passionate about, you make time for it.

Along with working out, eating right is so important to me. I love crafting up delicious recipes that will fuel me for a kick ass day, or recharge me after a hardcore workout. Yogurt has been my go to lately as it is so easy to blend into a smoothie, substitute for mayo in a tuna sandwich, or even top with granola and eat on the go. Luckily Chobani has recently come out with Simply 100 Crunch- A light greek yogurt, naturally sweetened and loaded with flavor from the crunchy sidecar of all natural toppings (Mango Cone Crisp is my ultimate fav.). Wanna know the best part?

chobani 100

Only 100 Calories!

For guilt free munching to your hearts content! I usually snack on one of these after my PiYo class to replenish those calories and enjoy every last bite. The combination of light yogurt and that sweet and delicious crunch along with it's easy grab and go container make it a perfect treat to snack on after teaching some awesome ladies how to get their sweat on. What's not to love?

Here are a few other fun ways to burn 100 calories which include 10 minutes of skiing, 20 minutes of dancing, or my personal fav. 38 minutes of shopping!


Which ever your exercise preference, Simply 100 Crunch is the perfect guilt- free treat to indulge in. Thank you so much to Chobani for asking me to share the ways I burn 100 calories, and introduce you all to their newest tasty treat! What are you guys doing to live life a little lighter this year?

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Live Blissfully!