5 Ways To Be More Productive


Desk Essentials- 5 easy ways to be more productive| Blissfullylively.com 

I have always had a seriously bad case of getting side tracked. I have all the intentions of doing a million errands/ cleaning the house/ redecorating/ going to the gym, etc. But I end up only doing two of the tasks throughout my day because I don't have a concrete plan. Please tell me you ladies out there can relate?

I start out my day all peachy and begin by making mental notes while eating breakfast. oh I need to clean the bathroom, I should probably throw in some laundry, I have to run to target for toothpaste (don't even get me started on how side tracked I get in Target), etc. until I have planned out all the things I need to accomplish. Fast forward to me in the middle of cleaning the bathroom, when I remember that I need to rotate the laundry. I go down into the basement to rotate it and I see a project I forgot about which I realize I need supplies for and I'm out the door on my way to Target to get supplies....



So basically I used to run around in circles doing 40 things at once until these productivity tips  came into my life. Let me fill you in.

1.Schedule your day on paper or better yet in google calendar because it feels more official. I know this one might be a little far fetched for people who want to feel relaxed on their days off but I need to stick to a schedule so I know everything will get done. Instead of just making mental notes like I used to I write down time slot by time slot what my day will look like. Here's an example.

8am-9am workout

930-1030 blog

1030-1130 clean the house

1130-1230 finish DIY project and take photos for blog

1230-130 lunch/ relax

130-330 Homework


2. Purchase a planner. I am a little crazy about checking things off my planner. I have one that is a notebook that I carry around with me everywhere I go that has a calendar in it, and pages to write more in depth. I also have another little planner (The Mon-Friday one above) that I keep on my desk. I like to roughly plan out my week on Sunday night with that so I know what's coming up.

3. Silence your phone or put on music. I am guilty of checking my phone for the time, etc. seeing a nice Instagram comment and getting carried away looking through others feeds. If I really need to concentrate or am on a deadline to get things done I silence my phone, keep it out of my reach and quietly play pandora. If you can't be motivated to stay on task by Adele serenading you Idk what will help!

4. Take exercise/ stretching breaks. This one helps me so much because I can get hyper focused on editing a blog video, or typing up a paper for homework and catch myself not having stopped for 2 hours. It is always good to look away from the computer screen, stretch a little, get the blood flowing, maybe even do some quick yoga in your office. Cue the productivity!

5. Accessorize/ clean your desk. I know this one might make people laugh but I can't tell you how much more productive I am when my desk is clean but also looking cute. I repainted my desk white (love the crisp look of it) decluttered the top and added just a few of these Target dollar section desk accessories and have been wanting to sit at my desk so much more. I feel like when you love the space you work in it makes you want to get shit done! & there's no excuse for not loving your space when these accessories were only $5 in total!

I hope these tips helped, now go get to making your lists & feeling as productive as ever!

Live Blissfully!