5 Ways to Celebrate Ourselves on VDAY

Valentines day is a day flooded with LOVE!


When we think about this day we always think about the special person in our life, a friend we want to catch up with, family who we love so much! We think about what little presents or sweet treats to get them, what is going to make THEM happy on a day full of love.

What we forget most often is what would make me happy? As much as I want to focus on my partner, their happiness & make their day the best. What will make my day the best? What can I do for me to make this the best valentines day yet, partner or no partner to share it with!

Here's a few short and sweet self care tips that require little to no money spent & reap all the self care benefits we need!

5 Ways to Celebrate Ourselves on Vday
  1. Put down the phone & pick up a book: Reading inspiring or thought worthy books motivates us to think & turn inward. Spend some time today reading, & no not listening on audible while you clean the house. Actually turning the pages of a book and slowing down! Here are a few I recommend that you can pick up at your local Target {The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein, Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin & Body Love by Kelly Leveque}
Valentines Day Self Care
Valentines Day Self Care
  1. Tending to your space/ Environment: You guys, I don't know about you but when my space is messy and clothes are thrown everywhere MY LIFE IS HECTIC. Take today to do an inventory of your space A little awareness check in. Are your plants shrivled up & dying cause you don't make time for them, is there dust all over your desk? {sharing these ones cause they're popping up as things I need to tend to <3}. Sometimes decluttering and cleaning our space can bring us the most stress relief & self care as a day at the spa!
VDay Self love & self care
VDay Self love & self care
  1. Add Little spa like touches: This little secret is going to change your morning routine gameeee! You guys throw some Eucalyptus {you can pick up for $6 at trader joes on your way home tonight} on your shower head & each morning will feel like a full pampering at the spa. The aromas Eucalyptus emits instantly calm my stressed & remind me "it's the little things in life", right babes?! I'm not hating on any face mask or manicure/pedicure doing today too! Pamper yourself, YOU DESERVE IT!
Valentines day self love blissfully lively
Valentines day self love blissfully lively
self care valentines day blissfully lively
self care valentines day blissfully lively
  • Stop, drop & BREATHE: I shared this technique in the Inner Bliss Mindfulness Course & all the ladies love it! It can be done ANYWHERE you see fit {trust me even in your car in the Target parking lot after a stressful call :) }. Stop what you're doing, turn on some ocean sounds or calming music & close your eyes, take three deep cleansing breaths in & slowly release. Envision the person, situation, etc. that is causing you stress & envision shining love & light on them. {If something isn't bothering you at this moment} envision you at your happiest, what does that look like, continue envisioning until you can see a clear picture of this person or situation standing in from of you in love & light or yourself in love & light. Take 3 deep cleansing breaths & sigh out all the stress. Immediately following say 1 affirmation 10ish times, or pick from your BL Affirmation Card Deck! Takes less than 5 minutes & will turn your whole day around!
  • Make yourself laugh, do something silly, dance around, Don't take yourself too seriously!: This is a day we sometimes over look at. We think it's only for couples, we begin to hear ourselves think self depricating talk. NO this day is for everyone, it's for loving, bottomline. So do what lights you up and what invokes a smile! My most personal favorite, turning up my Fav BL Playlist & dancing around my living room like no one is watching while eating dark chocolate <3

This is your reminder that today is just another day, another day of smiling, being happy, loving & cherishing yourself & the people surrounding you... I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH & AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU.

Happy VDay!

xo, Lauren