2016 in Review & 10 Things I'm Thankful For


Catch you later 2016!

Woah, how crazy is it that 2016 is almost over and we are about to ring in 2017?! This year has flown by and has been one of the most life changing years as I think back on all of the highs and lows...mostly HIGHS! This year has been one of the best and I am determined to make 2017 even better. I wanted to round out the year by mentioning my 10 highlights of 2016 and get a little convo going of what your favorite parts of 2016 were! Feel free to leave your favorite memories of 2016 in the comments, I love to read about the good that happens in other lives!

10 Things I'm Thankful For In 2016

Blissfully Lively thankful 2016

  1. I Got Engaged: Hello if you all didn't already know this was by far my absolutely favorite experience of 2016. Quick synopsis for the sappy people out there {like me} that want to know the story. Chris and I met 6 years ago I was still in HS and he was going into college. We had a long distance relationship from NH to VT for all 4 years. Chris moved back home after college, we bought a house and got engaged after I graduated college in june of this year! In Puerto Rico over looking a rainforest with an engagement ring that was my grandmothers. Holy smokes after I wrote that I just teared up! SO CUTE. Chris truly is my soul mate and I don't know what my life would be without him. We have grown so much together and I wouldn't want to take on life with anyone else. You are my best friend, confident, lover, jokester, and most importantly #1 supporter. I LOVE YOU. {WOAH SAPPY MOMENT, sorry guys}
  2. I Graduated College: I was the first in my immediate family to attend college, so it was a bit of an excitement, but also a huge challenge. My mom is a single mom so throughout my whole college experience I had to support myself and take out student loans to go to school. This was super challenging given class schedules and living on my own but it felt awesome to be able to say I did it and supported myself along the way!
  3. I got my first corporate job: I took an internship working in corporate marketing and learned so much! I adored every single person I worked with and the company I worked for. This experience though short {6 months} really solidified my want to turn the blog into a full time gig because of all the knowledge I gained. Shout out to my TBL friends if you're reading! #moderntrail #timberland
  4. Chris and I bought our house: In technical terms the bank still owns it but we took out a mortgage for our house and to say that at the age of 23 is pretty fucking awesome. Shout out to our family that helped make this happen we would not be where we are without you.
  5. I became a FULL TIME BLOGGER: WOAH this one should have been #2 but I was thinking of things more chronologically than in a ranking system. This was a huge step for me personally because as you guys might not know {i don't really talk about personal stuff all that much on the blog} I am an absolute control freak about money. As I stated above my mom was a single mom which means money was exceptionally tight and since I was 16 I have had to work for everything, understanding what it feels like to have $-3 dollars in my bank account and eating pasta for dinner for 4 days until I got paid haha {REAL LIFE}. But this being said not knowing where my paycheck was coming from and making this huge jump into self employment was a huge deal for me. Luckily I trusted my gut and have been adoring it ever since I made the move. Money is still tight but it will definitely pay off! So lucky to be able to get up everyday and love what I do for a living. {here we go getting teary eyed again}
  6. I was denied from the Education Masters program I applied for: For the longest time I wanted to be a teacher. I took internships, went to school for education and even worked in a Montessori school while attending college. My life revolved around becoming a teacher. I obsessed over it, I never even took one look into any other area of profession after my senior year in high school. I stuck myself in a box of being a teacher and never looked back. WELL that all changed when I applied for a masters program and was denied. YUP DENIED. I was literally devastated, rocked my world, didn't know what else I was going to do. But as we all know when life gives you lemons you have got to make lemonade, am I right? Basically this devastating let down turned into the best thing that could have ever happened. I realized I had been fast tracking myself into teaching but never took a step back to realize woah is this really what I want to do? Don't get me wrong I will always love little kids and the light bulb moments when you teach them something and they actually process it, it's like nothing else! but this let down made me realize there are other professions out there and there are others things I am FANTASTIC at! This turned me on to marketing which eventually gave me the courage to do the blog full time. How the universe works is insane people.
  7. I started to understand myself: I feel like 2016 was the year that I began to understand who I am and be more confident in my abilities/ who I am as a person. I think this is something that takes so much time and I will always be learning about what it is that makes me happy, but I feel like 2016 was the year that I really started to grasp this. Thank you self help books for leading my in the direction of figuring that all out. Quick plug of my fav book. "You're a Badass" by Jen Sincero is life changing and a must read if you're feeling stuck or going through a hard time.
  8. I learned how to stop stressing about the little things: As I said above I am a control freak about money, but also a few other areas of my life {woah we're getting super personal on the blog today so sorry if people are only here for wellness knowledge} I used to care so much about what others think of me, or why others were the way they were, or how come things can't just be this way. I basically stopped trying to control things and just allowed them to happen naturally. This is also something that I am still not fantastic at {hello we're always learning} but it is something that I think I have a better grasp on. One day I basically threw my hands up and said "FUCK IT" literally out loud to myself in front of a mirror, I said "FUCK IT!!!!!!". WHO CARES WHAT ANYONE THINKS! If i'm happy living my life, doing what makes me smile everyday, who cares. I can't be bothered by people that don't get it, or have a chip on their shoulder, or have an opinion about my life. I can't be bothered with judgements. I don't judge others, and if they have an opinion it isn't mine to care about or know anyway. Thank you Sarah Knight and your "not sorry method"/ "The Life Changing Magic of not Giving a FUCK" Book.
  9. I realized the relationships that are important to me: I think as you get older your relationships/ friendships evolve and they either grow together, or apart. 2016 was definitely a year of figuring out who has my best interest at heart, who would treat me the way I treat them, and who I want to surround myself with. I have gained so many new friends {some interestingly enough through blogging} and others have run their course. I think who you surround yourself with and who you allow to fill a space in your life is so incredibly important. If you aren't being treated with respect and love and treated the way you treat others it is time to reevaluate. Relationships should be equal and joyful if it isn't bringing you those 2 things it isn't worth it. I also realized how important family truly is. If you live close or far, those people you will always be connected to. Tend to and mend those relationships!
  10. I figured out health is happiness: I finally feel like I am figuring out how to live my healthiest life, changing up my workouts, what I eat, how much I sleep, how I give back etc. I have finally started to figure out what makes my body run the best and the happiest. There will be so much more of this to come in 2017 and all the years ahead as my life changes in the best ways.

I am so incredibly excited for 2017 and all that it has to offer. There are so many fun wellness things in store for the blog, Chris and I are getting married!!, hopefully I will become an aunt {shout out to Chris's brother and his husband}, I will become a nutritionist and start taking clients, life will continue to ebb and flow with every change! WOAH hold on everyone 2017 is going to be an amazing ride.

Sending so much love and gratitude your way this new year!